Studio Immersion Program

Program managed by PIX FILM Collective and Supported by the Petman Foundation

Artists Selected for 2020

Studio Immersion Program


Stephanie Castonguay (Montreal)


Driven by experimentation, Castonguay investigates electronic circuitry as a physical process and phenomenon that leaves a palpable, audible trace. Her approach to sound and DIY electronics is playful, practical and organic: she disassembles and repurpose obsolete, barely audible machines to reveal the resonance, glitches and random sounds unexpectedly hidden within. Her work has been presented in Montreal and abroad, such as Perte de Signal, STEIM, Tsonami Arte Sonoro, and most recently at Festival Internacional de la Imagen and Athens Digital Arts Festival. She has performed in various festivals such as Sight & Sound, Ibrida Pluri II, Instruments Make Play, Code d’Accès, Mutek, Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Lux Magna and Suoni Per il Popolo. She is a member at Perte de Signal.

Britany Gunderson (Milwaukee)


Britany Gunderson received a BFA in Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her practice is often interdisciplinary, creating film and video work that uses material forms such as hand-cut paper, textile fabrics, and celluloid. Exploring ideas of personal non-fiction, her work expands the idea of what a moving image can be. She has screened at venues internationally and received an Honorable Mention at the 2018 Milwaukee Underground Film Festival.



PIX FILM Collective is now accepting applications for the next 2020 Studio Immersion Program. This will expand upon the theme of Hybrid Models of Filmmaking. We are seeking applications from International and Canadian artists to re-think, research and revisit the various forms of audio/visual experiences, using film, pixels, animation, analogue and digital objects and electronics to create multimedia expressions. The one Canadian artist and one International artist selected will produce and present new work.

Under normal circumstances, the program offers studio space, equipment and an exhibition area in Toronto for presentation of work. We are putting forward the call with some expectation of a return to general access to facilities, but please see below for information on including a Plan B in your application.


The Studio Immersion Program takes place at PIX FILM Studio in Toronto utilizing equipment as needed from nearby art organization LIFT

PIX FILM Studio has studio space and a gallery/screening space measuring 30’x15’x10’ which can be used for an artist talk and exhibition or for virtual room presentation.

The International Artist (one month program) will have access to the PIX FILM studio for one month and a cash award of $2,000 towards production costs.

Costs for additional equipment and facilities in Canada will be provided to a maximum of $1,000 (CAD), including membership to LIFT. In case of travel, up to a $1,000(CAD) will be available.

The Canadian Artist (three month program) will have access to the PIX FILM studio for three months and a cash award of $6,000 (CAD) towards production costs.

Costs for additional equipment and facilities in Canada will be provided to a maximum of $1,500(CAD), including membership to LIFT. In case of travel, up to $1,000 will be available.

For the purposes of preparing your budget:

LIFT equipment rates can be found here:

To access LIFT please read the membership policies:


The artist is responsible for the costs of all film stock, chemicals, lab fees and other expendables, as well as equipment and facilities rental beyond the initial amount.

Important: Artists are expected to be at an established point in their practice.

Artists are responsible for arranging their own travel to and accommodations in Toronto. If selected, we can write a letter of support for any additional grant application you will require from other sources and we can also suggest possible accommodations in Toronto.

PIX FILM Studio Immersion 2020 is generously supported by the Petman Foundation.


Interested artists should submit proposals including: • Contact information (Name, Telephone number, Email)

• Indicate which city you are currently based in

• Proposal / Artist Statement (Max. 500 words) • How you heard about this call

• Provide your best dates for attending or conducting the work.

• Curriculum vitae

• Proposed budget (including additional funding sources if needed beyond the cash awards, List equipment needed).

• Visual support material of past work (do not send originals, documentation will not be returned). Accepted formats: URL Links ( Max. 2 works )

Plan B:

Interested aritists must also submit a Plan B for artists to work remotely if the pandemic continues.

In order to adapt to current and possible extended restrictions, artists should respond to the following questions in the application:

1) How will you carry on your activities if you have to stay at home because of COVID-9 travel restrictions and related travel advisories?

2) How will you present your work in a virtual presentation?

3) How will you access equipment in order to develop your work?


Extended Submission for Canadian Artists deadline July 31,2020 

International artists submission is NOW CLOSED.


Address questions to: Madeleine Piller, Program Director Subject Heading: PIX FILM Studio Immersion 2020

Emailed applications accepted (PDF only): Subject Heading: PIX FILM Studio Immersion Program 2020


​PIX FILM Collective engages with artistic voices facilitating space for research, creation, exhibition and discussion at PIX FILM Studio/Gallery.

The collective provides appropriate support by means of mentoring, guidance and equipment materials resources for artistic explorations.

​At PIX FILM Collective we encourage cultural advocacy and collaboration with service organizations.


Collaborative partner:


The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) is Canada’s foremost artist-run production and education organization dedicated to celebrating excellence in the moving image. LIFT exists to provide support and encouragement for independent filmmakers and artists through affordable access to production, post-production and exhibition equipment; professional and creative development; workshops and courses; commissioning and exhibitions; artist-residencies; and a variety of other services. LIFT is supported by its membership, Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ontario Arts Foundation, the Government of Ontario and the Toronto Arts Council.



In times of COVID-19, PIX FILM Collective is adapting its yearly Studio Immersion Program, by creating the new PIX FILM Collective Virtual Residency in 2021

For full Information and application

Go to:

Supported by the Petman Foundation in 2020

Stephanie Castonguay (Montréal)

Britany Gunderson (Milwaukee)


Supported by The Petman Foundation in 2019

Blinn & Lambert is the pseudonym for the collaborative duo of Nicholas Steindorf and Kyle Williams. Although they work primarily in moving image, their practice is rooted in the elastic field of painting. Their work is motivated by the history of image-making technologies—CGI interfaces, Dutch still life paintings, practical cinema effects, stereoscopic cameras—and the way these technologies can be paradigms for describing time, material, and screen presence. Their videos and animations explore humor, desire, anxiety, and bewilderment through meditations on quotidian objects. Ultimately, they want to give viewers time with objects that have been nudged out of their place in the world, and a cinematic re-imaging of the space that exists between us and our things.

The Canadian artist ANDREW LENNOX for the  studio Immersion Program will be at PIX FILM from September to November 2019.


About the artist Andrew Lennox:

I am a film-based artist.  Typically, I create objects using analog film as source material and then animate those objects to create a new film. The “film-objects” are presented as sculptures, alongside a looped screening of the animated film. The intention is to straddle the divide between traditional fine arts in a gallery setting, with the convention of projecting film as a timed-based medium, in a cinema setting. This highlights the time-based distinction between analog film and the traditional fine arts, while also demonstrating their relationship as objects of art. While analog film shares its timed-based quality with digital film, digital film does not inherently exist as an object. This unique, intermediary space is both a division and a connection between analog film, digital film and the traditional fine arts. The thrust of my work explores analog film as both a distinct and a related artistic medium, to the traditional fine arts and to digital film. 

Supported by the Petman Foundation in 2018


Sabine Gruffat is a French-American artist who works with experimental video and animation, media-

enhanced performance, participatory public art, and immersive installation. In this work, machines,

interfaces, and systems constitute the language by which she codes the world. The creation of new ideas means inventing new tools, crossing analog and digital signals, or repurposing old machines to patch into new ones. By actively disrupting both current and outmoded technology, Gruffat questions standardized ways of understanding the world around us. More detailed information at


Matthieu Hallé is a film and video artist experimenting with the boundaries of media art. Spanning extremes and contrasts; his works are  influenced as much by slow contemplative, narrative cinema as by experimental, abstract, non-narrative films. His works have screened in theatres, galleries and public spaces across Canada and the USA. He also performs live visual shows, often combining analog and digital mediums, fire and water, and elements of improvisation.

Supported by the PETMAN FOUNDATION



Leslie Supnet is a moving image artist who utilizes animation, found media, and experimental practices on film and video. Her work has shown internationally at film festivals, galleries and microcinemas including TIFF (Short Cuts Canada), International Film Festival Rotterdam, Melbourne International Animation Festival, Experimenta India, International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, WNDX, Edge of Frame/Animate Projects, and many others. She has been commissioned by Reel Asian, Pleasure Dome / Art Spin, the 8 Fest Small Gauge Film Festival, Cineworks, and Film Pop! (Pop Montreal). Leslie has an MFA from York University and teaches analog and digital animation at various artist-run centres, not-for-profits and for the Faculty of Art and Continuing Studies at OCAD University.

Sally Walker-Hudecki a.k.a Sally Cinnamon works primarily in super 8 film. She began in 2010 at the Hart House Film Board and continued learning from Pablo Marin and Steve Cossman at LIFT, Dragan Stojanovic and Charles Bagnall. Her short films and music videos have been exhibited at festivals in Toronto and across the United States. Her official music video for the Julie Ruin’s “Goodnight Goodbye” premiered on Pitchfork in 2014. She is currently an executive assistant at Yowza Animation Corp, private event producer at GARAGENOIR Inc and visual artist/drummer for the Cool Hands.


Andreas Wutz is an independent artist, who graduated in painting and installation art, and has subsequently focused on photography, media installation and art film. He has been teaching Audio-Visual Art, Art Film and New Media at the Instituto Europeo de Design in Barcelona, and at the University of California in San Diego.

His research focuses on the media history of urban and natural landscapes, and investigates the social-political and historical relevance of every day situations. Based on phenomenological reflections of sounds and images, his concepts are driven by the attempt to relate the conceptualization of his work to historical and contemporary time. Understanding his objects of study and environment not only through, but also within media, his films, photographs, and media installations explore their inherent content, language, history, and performative presence self-reflexively.






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