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Gallery, event space, working studio.


PIX Film is a unique modular space located at 1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C.

Our area can accomodate the needs of individual artists,community arts groups, organizations and arts collectives.

We facilitate space for exhibition, research, creation and study.



Space 1 


15'x 30'area

10' height ceiling, two exits, equipped with digital and analog AV equipment, 10’ motorized retractable screen (16X9).

Capacity for seated events is 40 people but the space is also suitable for gallery exhibitions, meetings, workshops, artist talks, film shoots and more. The space is rentable by the day/week/month


Space 2


15'x 7'.5 area x 2 areas for co-working

10' height ceiling


Rentable: weekly or monthly


Film Equipment: Oxberry Animation Stand 35/16mm,Cinemonta 16mm, Projectors 35/16/S8/8

Developing tank, rewinders, splicers

Available for Self-Direct Residency 



Artspace in Vienna-Austria








Artspace in LIMA-Peru



Presentation and exhibition space

with digital and analog equipment

As well as working

space and study. 

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