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Analogue Resilience : FILM LABS GATHERING

Analogue Resilience : FILM LABS GATHERING

PIX FILM Collective will present every night at PIX FILM Gallery after 8PM a new set of Screenings, Film Performance, Laser, Sound, Installation by artists attending the Analogue Resilience : Film Labs Gathering in Toronto 2023 organized by Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto

Events as FREE or donation in the jar as you wish. 

Saturday, May 27

8:00 -9:00 PM - PIX FILM Gallery,  1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C

Kyle Whitehead (Calgary)


Super 8 | B+W & Colour

Generative Sound via Light-Controlled Synthesizers

58’ | 260 Metres


This Super 8 film on two reels is a retrograde attempt to resolve a personal archive and index, confronting the inexorable passage of time into memory, memory into echo and echo into resonance. IMMANENT UNION was spliced together live over the course of six performances in Mexico, the United Kingdom and Canada – these Drafts for a Scenario facilitating an aleatory approach to the global composition of disparate memories, fleeting images of recorded time that have no story to tell. Performative in essence – where sound is modulated live by the projected light itself – this mystical union justifies an immanent plane as an act of pastoral simplicity. A divine presence.

Artist Bio

Kyle Whitehead is Canadian artist, programmer and educator, who works with material film to create experimental and expanded cinema projects. His handmade films, moving image installations and projection performances trade in material self-consciousness, the artist’s labours and elastic treatments of light, space and time. These works in film have exhibited internationally in numerous festivals, galleries and museums including CROSSROADS at the SF Cinematheque (USA), the Laboratorio Experimental de Cine (Mexico), Alchemy Film and Arts (Scotland), Antimatter Media Art (Canada), Contemporary Calgary (Canada), TRUCK Contemporary Art (Canada) and the Canadian Film Institute’s Café EX (Canada).


Saturday, May 27

9:00- 11:00 pm  - PIX FILM Gallery,  1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C



2022, 40 minutes, México

Color – black and white

3/16mm projectors

digital sound

An expanded cinema performance that observes and listens to visible and underground territories, both physical and intangible, in two regions of Mexico that currently experience or resist mining activities: Zacatecas and Oaxaca


Visual artist and director of documentary films, experimental cinema, and animated movies. One of her lines of work is exploring the possibilities of photochemical film material— preserving and capturing images, working in a laboratory, and projecting a variety of formats. Since 2005 she has taken part in the expanded cinema collective Trinchera Ensamble. She is also co-founder and current director of Laboratorio Experimental de Cine [Experimental Film Laboratory] (LEC), an art project that surfaced in 2013. LEC was born in response to the need to enhance a community of filmmakers and audiences interested in experimental cinema. LEC engages in the dissemination, production, educational activities, and programming of content in different film formats. Elena also collaborates in audiovisual training programs in Oaxaca and Mexico City.



Film performance

16mm and 35mm loops


30' aprox


2019 - 2022

digital sound

Film support as a plastic source is an investigation that in this performance proposes the formal study of the perforation as a fundamental element of analogic film, and the human face as a representation, as a color chart configuration and as a target of electronic detectors.

Several meters of 35mm film of color reference strips known as "china girl" and other close up takes in 16mm were perforated and their faces were exchanged manually to other faces or film perforations to be displayed iteratively on a live performance.

The final piece is a performance that was developed during the residence of the 12th Strangloscope Mostra in Florianopolis, Brazil and premiered at the Cinemateca of the Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro during the Dobra International Experimental Film Festival.

BIO Born and raised in Mexico City, 1977. I Live and work in Mexico City and Buenos Aires.

I attended the Multimedia Arts Degree at the National Arts University in Argentina, the Diploma of Audiovisual Preservation and Restoration (DIPRA) by the Film Archive and the National Image of Argentina (CINAIN) and Claudio Caldini's experimental film workshop. My work is related to experimental films, installations and video.


Sunday, May 28, 2023

8pm – 10pm, admission: PWYC -Pix Film Gallery, 1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C

Lightproof Film Collective


An evening of film performance presented by Lightproof Film Collective (Ottawa) and Pix Film Collective (Toronto)

Sonorous Light   8:30 until close, exterior of Pix Film

Dave Johnson (Victoria)

Indeterminate length/16mm/sound

Inspired by the description of a radio from Aldous Huxley’s 1931 book Brave New World and adapted into a 16mm light sculpture producing sound.

The artist presents a completely analogue experience using homemade audio components, a 16mm film loop and a smoke machine. The result is a unique dichotomy between cinema and sculpture. The artist invites the viewer to participate in altering the light, sound, and space. This work will be presented outdoors beside Pix Film Gallery.

The Waterfall    9:00 pm

Matthieu Hallé (Ottawa)

16mm projection/30 minutes

A 16mm film loop of a waterfall plays continuously on a custom-modified 16mm film projector that uses a live video feed of candles focused with hand-held pieces of glass as the light source that illuminates the film. With live musical accompaniment by Anne Bourne.

The artists:

Matthieu Hallé is a media artist interested in finding new uses for the technology used in filmmaking. His work includes experimental film and video, and performances using custom-made projection devices. Often, his work involves hybridizing analog and digital mediums, abstraction, and the use of organic materials. He has collaborated with many different improvising musicians who have complemented the spontaneity and chance elements within his own live moving-image performance works.

A graduate of Concordia University’s MFA in Film Production, Dave Johnson’s artistic practice is based on experimenting with documentary techniques, process cinema, expanded cinema and sound design. His work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. A founding member of Ottawa’s Lightproof Film Collective, Dave relocated to Victoria, BC in 2022.

Funded by: The Petman Foundation


Sunday, May 28, 2023

10:00 pm PERFORMANCE at PIX FILM Gallery,  1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C

Installation until Tuesday afternoon

Daniel Bajoit and  Andrea Novoa (Chile)

Performance and Installation


16mm film


A 16mm film and sound installation and performance, based on the desire to dig into the spiritual state of our days and testify to it, a found miniature bible, 16mm images of a chilean landscape and live music.


« People from here feel safe thinking nothing is gonna be well. From there, everything will remain quite as a piece of paradise. » (Unknown)

We trust too much everything will fail is a message brought from the west-south border of the living land, Chile. It is an attempt to represent how human life and political deceptions nowadays affects us

and to intervene on it.

« We believe we’re a country, but we’re barely a landscape. »

(Nicanor Parra)


Daniel Bajoit (1981) is an amateur artist from Belgium. He plays music, guitare and other instruments, and he is currently directing a movie on historical events and travels in Chile mostly on filmic support.

He has just arrived from his northern country to Chile and based himself in Valparaíso. In Belgium, he worked as a musician, performer and animation movie director mostly on Les filles de Hirohito’s and Les filles d’Apocalypse’s projects.

Andrea Novoa (1988) is a filmmaker based in the South of Chile, where she co-founded the independent film lab La pieza oscura. She studied photography in Chile and Master film essay in Cuba, where she made her first films that have circulated in several national and

international exhibitions and festivals. She has participated in artistic residencies and meetings such as Atelier 105 of Light Cone (Paris) with her work Desastres Naturales, and Spectral Lab of Baltic analog lab (Latvia). The collaboration of Andrea Novoa and Daniel Bajoit begins in 2019, together they explore the possibilities of creation around filmic practices and music.


Monday, May 29, 2023

8:00 PM Performance at PIX FILM Gallery, 1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C

Bernhard Rasinger  (Austria)


LENGTH: 35min

FORMAT: Patch improvised modular synthesizer performance, visualized by RGB diode laser

Bernhard Rasinger

Bernhard Rasinger combines state of the art laser technology and modular synthesizers to create lucidly hypnotic live audiovisual performances. The modular synthesizer creates and dissects waveforms. The sound is minimalistic functional drone. A laser projector visualizes the electronic waveforms on a screen. The performance lets the spectator (audience) understand sound in a deeper way, since two senses are triggered coherently, to create a synesthetic experience. You see what you hear.

Bernhard Rasinger is an engineer, visual sound artist and cofounder of the art association NewJörg Vienna. He is a regular guest at international experimental music festivals, music fairs and soldering workshops. Performances include Ars Electonica in Linz, Superbooth in Berlin, Modular Days Barcelona, Machines in Music in New York, Gigamodular Tokyo and Skanu Mezs Riga.


Tuesday May 30, 2023  8:00 PM Performance at PIX FILM Gallery, 1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C

Luis Macías (Spain)


Slide projection performance +16mm

Supported by Institut Ramon Lull - Lengua y Cultura Catalana

LUIS MACÍAS is an artist, filmmaker and image-moving composer.  His pieces deal with the formal and spectral properties of the moving image, through the exploration of the cinematographic device itself and the photochemical nature of the medium.Focused on experimental and procedural practices of analog image, his works in Super 8,16mm, 35mm and / or video format are composed for projection, performance or installation.

His films and pieces of expanded cinema have been shown in prestigious film, art and music festivals as well as art centers, museums and alternative spaces around the world.

He’s been part of collective exhibitions and had one individual so far. He has collaborated with various artists, musicians and filmmakers for the creation of collective works.

Co-founder and active member of CRATER-Lab, an independent artist-run-film Lab for analog cinema.

In parallel develops theoretical and practical workshops specialized in different variants of experimental film in art centers and/or art-film schools as EQZE.   Luis alternates his art work with specialized teaching in experimental cinema and the exploration of analogue moving images.

New Augmented Reality Exhibition Coming Soon!

New Augmented Reality Exhibition Coming Soon!

New Exhibit in Augmented Reality - the AR creations of 11 artists from across Canada will be unveiled on MAY 18

Amy Lockhart, Barry Doupé, Brandon Blommaert, Freya Björg Olafson, Gabriel Esteban Molina, karen darricades, Libby Hague, Paloma Dawkins, Patrick Harrop, Phoebe Parsons, Sébastien Pitt.

Curated by PIX FILM Collective and SystemKollectiv.

Project supported by Canada Council for the Arts - Digital Now and The Petman Foundation

Embracing Destruction - an Online 16mm Workshop with Cooper, Film Scientist

Embracing Destruction - an Online 16mm Workshop with Cooper, Film Scientist

Embracing Destruction - an Online 16mm Workshop with Cooper, Film Scientist

Saturday May 27th, 1PM to 7PM

Available online only: maximum 4 participants

Registration fee for online workshop: $50 register here

This is an online component of an in-person workshop presented as part of LIFT’s Analogue Resilience Film Gathering

Presented by the Lightproof Film Collective (Ottawa) and Pix Film Collective (Toronto)

Workshop Description: Filmmakers are trained to take care of their film negatives and to protect the negative from dust, scratches, chemical stains and more. In this workshop, Cooper wants you to destroy your film’s emulsion and the images you have so carefully composed for you to discover art within a destructive process.

On the first day of the workshop, participants will have access to a Bolex 16mm camera and 50’ of 16mm 3378 black and white film with which to shoot their film; afterwards, participants will hand-develop their film using eco-developers. Participants will then manipulate their negative images using a variety of techniques, including bleach, fantastik liquid cleaner and extreme heat.

Required equipment for on-line participants: 16mm camera, 16mm projector, and a digital camera to digitize footage. Registrants will be mailed a 50’ roll of 16mm 3378 film stock and a list of materials in advance of the workshop.

Cooper is an Ottawa-based media artist. Their body of work includes films, HD videos, installations, and live performances. Cooper’s practice is heavily based on the technical aspects of the filmmaking process and they create their films using an array of techniques, including stop-motion, 2D & 3D animation, optical printing, film processing, and cinematography. Thematically, Cooper’s films are a reflection of their memories and are drawn from life experiences. Cooper is an award-winning artist and their work has been presented at festivals and art galleries across Canada and internationally.


Sponsored by: Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT)

We recognize the support of The Canada Council for the Arts and the Petman Foundation.

Sierra Weston

Sierra Weston

Sierra Weston presenting her work after an 8 week residency at PIX FILM Studio

and how can body laid in that white rush

will combine Augmented Reality, 16mm, live sound presentation.

A program Supported by the Government of Canada| IMAA and The Petman Foundation

Pay what you can

Collectif HAT - FRAGMENTS : La Côte

Collectif HAT - FRAGMENTS : La Côte


Placements + Ruptures: The Healing Quest

In-person + live-streamed cinematic event by Collectif HAT @ PIX FILM COLLECTIVE
Thursday, April 8, 2023 at 8 PM (ET) (7 PM CT/ 9 PM AT / 5 PM PT)
1411 Dufferin Street Unit C, Toronto, Ontario.

Over the last year, Alexandra Gelis and Madi Piler have been remotely mentoring and meeting with the three Moncton-based artists who make up Collectif HAT, namely Hyacinthe Raimbault, Angie Richard and Tracey Richard. During the first week of April 2023, HAT are traveling to Toronto to conduct a 1 week residency at PIX Film Studio where they will work directly with Gelis and Piller and complete a new media artwork they've developped during their mentorship.

To celebrate the closing of our Placements + Ruptures programming series, VUCAVU is thrilled to present FRAGMENTS: LA CÔTE; a resulting hybrid cinematic performance by Collectif HAT will be presented in partnership with PIX Film.

The Mirror Egg - Film Performance by Floris Vanhoof

The Mirror Egg - Film Performance by Floris Vanhoof

The Mirror Egg

16mm film & performance

Year: 2022

A miniature sitcom to be shown as 16mm film,

or as longer expanded cinema performance

with modified 16mm projector and live sound.

The middle part is a dream sequence on an uncut 30 meter roll of film that was scripted like a computer program:

A 4-bit binary code and a long heximal code,

written on paper, were used for positioning,

layering and repeating what was filmed.

About the artist:

Floris Vanhoof (°1982, lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium)

is interested in the hybrid forms of music, visual art, and film.

His first projections -experimental films on 16 millimeter- evolved towards purely visual experiences which questioned our viewing patterns.

Inspired by structural film and early electronic music, he builds installations, creates expanded cinema performances, and releases his music.

Vanhoof makes his own instruments to explore the border between image, light, and sound.

As media-archaeologist, he confronts the digitally-spoiled audience with flickering 16mm films and 35mm slide installations - formats doomed to disappear.

He often chooses analog technology because of the greater transparency of the workflow, and because of its rich dynamic range. Cut loose from all nostalgia, he experiments with what used to be considered "hightech."

Vanhoof searches for new ideas with old media. He translates sound to image and vice-versa by connecting different incompatible media. He is especially curious about the effects his work elicits in the viewer:

How does our perception operate? Which new perspectives appear?

Screening of work by Martin Rodolphe Villeneuve

Screening of work by Martin Rodolphe Villeneuve

Screening of work by Martin Rodolphe Villeneuve

On Friday March, 3 at 7pm

PIX FILM Collective in Co-presentation with Le Labo

Supported by the Petman Foundation - Artist Studio Immersion Program

Selected Work:

HAUT-FOND PRINCE 43:00 - HD 2011

QU'EN CE JOUR JE MEURE / On this day I die 18:00 - HD 2017

Éleonore 31:00 - HD 2018

Chants de L’aube 12:00 - HD 2021

The films of Martin Rodolphe Villeneuve play between autobiographical passages of and spaces in the Québécois countryside. Reminiscent of his time spend in “his terroir” and the poetic life within, his films want to transmit the memories of his past and the life surrounding with a symbolic realism. Invested in the documentary style, Martin filmmaking is contemplative to give his characters the time to grow in the picture.

About the artist:

Born in Rivière-du-Moulin, Saguenay, Martin Rodolphe studied painting in several studios in Chicoutimi, alternating between charcoal and acrylic. He gradually abandoned painting and enrolled in 1996 in the interdisciplinary art program at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC) - concentration in film and video. He has taken several training courses at the National Film Board (NFB) and has also participated in writing workshops as part of Telefilm Canada's "Écrire au long" program at the Institut national de l'Image et du son (INIS). Trained as a screenwriter and documentary filmmaker, he directed several works in different genres, including film studies and essays, before finding his true niche: dreamlike drama. In 2009, he undertook a perilous shoot on the Haut-fond Prince lighthouse located at the confluence of the St. Lawrence and Saguenay rivers. Selected by several festivals, this film entitled Haut-fond Prince (2011) earned him the Bourse de création at the Regard international sur le court métrage festival in Saguenay in 2012. In the same poetic vein, he directed Notre-Dame-des-Monts, Qu'en ce jour je meure, Éléonore, Chants de l'aube and Et si tu m'entends. He is currently preparing his first feature film De profundis.

BIG NEWS! ponyHAUS coming back from hibernation with our first event of 2023 ~

BIG NEWS! ponyHAUS coming back from hibernation with our first event of 2023 ~

Introducing our DIY (dressage it yourself) merch event on Jan 29th 1-3PM @ PIX FILM Gallery: a one-time only chance to hand screenprint + lino stamp DIY ponyHAUS merch with some brand new art made by DJ Zoe Smith (@sulkhogan)! BYO items (lighter, less textured fabrics are best) or grab some blank pieces from us on the day!
feat. a DJ set by Bodywaltz (@emjayisonline), bringing you some chopped and screwed disco, jungle and footwork

All $$ raised is going towards our upcoming 2023 shows!
Admission sliding scales at:
>>>$5-$10 to BYO items
>>>$10+ for blank pieces

@ PIX FILM GALLERY: 1411 Dufferin St Unit C @pixfilmgallery
January 29th 12pm-3pm

Can’t make the event? Don’t sit in your FOMO for too long - the ponyHAUS team will be making heaps of merch from thrifted items for you to purchase at an upcoming show very soon ….

we can’t wait to be back with ya soon!



Augmented Reality Exhibition

Screening with Visiting Artist Matti Harju

Screening with Visiting Artist Matti Harju


Co-presented by the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) and PIX FILM

Toronto—Finnish filmmaker Matti Harju joins us on Monday, November 28, 2022 to present a screening of his cinemawork. 

This screening complements his residency as the third resident in LIFT’s collaboration with the  Academy of Fine Arts at the University of the Arts Helsinki and the Saastamoinen Foundation. The residency supports the making of a new film-based work by alumni of the Academy of Fine Arts. Matti has been at LIFT since September 9th and will show a selection of his films as well as an excerpt of a work in progress film.


In-Person Screening

Monday, November 28, 2022


PIX FILM Gallery, 1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C, Toronto


Social distancing observed.

Mask use requested.


Total running time of 50 Minutes

Afrikka, 2012, 9 mins, Super 16mm shown digitally

A disturbing, raw film that gets up close to a psychotic man. We don’t all live in the same reality.

Aliens, 2020, 9 mins, VHS, digital, Super 8 shown digitally

A film about how language, be it film, art or written language, creates in itself a system where separation precedes contact.

El Centro, 2021, 9 mins, VHS, digital, Super 8 shown digitally

Young Anon discovers the digital, binary root of everything during a school trip to New York and comes to a surprising conclusion.

Kolme päivää sadetta (Three Days of Rain), 2021, 10 mins, digital

Part time Twitch streamer, part time drug courier; both low level. Slithering between life and death, online and offline. The carefree summer of global progress seems to be over - are these the final days of both, the illusion of overarching narrative, and of Jerome the Saint.

Work in Progress Preview, 2022, 10 mins, digital

A short preview of one of the films Matti has been working on over the past few months.

Matti Harju (b. 1978, Kouvola, Finland) is a Finnish artist working mainly with film and video. He has an MFA from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (2021). He has made 10+ short-length films, which have been widely exhibited at film festivals and galleries, including Locarno Film Festival, Gallery Sinne, Rotterdam International Film Festival, BFI London Film Festival, AFI Fest Los Angeles, Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Forum des Images, Torino Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, Tabakalera International Contemporary Culture Centre, Edinburgh International Film Festival etc.

Matti Harju’s visit is made possible in part through support from Saastamoisen säätiö (the Saastamoinen Foundation) and the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of the Arts Helsinki.

Home Movie Day

Home Movie Day


Is Home Movie Day on October 20

Come to PIX FILM Gallery to watch Films from 7pm -9pm

Feel Free to Bring Yoyr Own Film 16mm, 8mm or Super8mm

Augmented Reality Attractions

Augmented Reality Attractions

Presented at OIAF Sept 21-25

Arts and technology come together for an Agmented Reality exhibit that you find as you walk between venues at the Ottawa International Animation Festival.

14 works on display created by Canadian artists via a collaboration between the PIX FILM Collective and System kollektiv based in Vienna.

Álvaro Feldman - Super 8mm Film Screening

Álvaro Feldman - Super 8mm Film Screening

Presented by LIFT and PIX FILM Collective

Thursday October 13 - 7pm at  PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street Unit C , Toronto


Álvaro Feldman, is a filmmaker and winner of the sixth edition of the BAICC artistic residencies organized by (S8), Acción Cultural Española and LIFT in Toronto.

Program on film:

Untitled Sketch #02 super8/silent/3'

Diorama super8/silent/3'

La Tarara super8/sound/14'

Soleares para el Popeye super8/silent/3'

About the artist:

Álvaro Feldman (1996) studied Cinematography at the Escola Superior de Cinema de Cataluyna ESCAC, where he began his interest in analog cinema and its forms. He specializes in cinematography. He works in Seville, Barcelona and Madrid. In 2021 he develops and coordinates the Out of Field Laboratory, and participates in various audiovisual projects as a technician and creative. He starts working at super8 making La Tarara, a diary/portrait film that continues to grow with each stay in Seville. That same year he studied at Master LAV, which allows him to continue delving into analog processes. He makes Diorama, Untitled Sketch #01 and #02 where he delves into more structural processes. He currently coordinates the laboratory of the Master LAV where he explores cinema as a craft, the possibilities and materiality of the analog image.

S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico and Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) organize this residency with the aim of continuing a line of work that seeks to open new paths for emerging creators, facilitating the creation of exchange ties with an institution of international relevance. as LIFT-Liaison of Independent Filmmakers.

The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) is Canada’s foremost artist-run production and education organization dedicated to celebrating excellence in the moving image.

PIX FILM is an independent working studio, micro cinema, event space and gallery. The modular space accommodates diverse needs of individual artists, community arts groups and arts collectives. PIX FILM values digital and film forms of production and exhibition.

Film Performance by Britt-Al-Busultan
Sound by Ben Rositsan

Film Performance by Britt-Al-Busultan
Sound by Ben Rositsan



Film Performance by Britt-Al-Busultan

Wednesday September 14 at 7:00pm

at PIX FILM Gallery, 1411 Dufferin Street Unit C, Toronto

(Pay what you can)

Britt-Al-Busultan, artist in residency at LIFT, will be presenting a 2 x 16mm film projector performance at PIX FILM Gallery with sound accompagnement by Ben Rositsan.

Ben Rositsan is a multi-instrumentalist and multi-media artist working in Toronto. His current focus is improvised music in collaboration with obsolete or fractured technologies. He is part of the noise-art band Ecotone Orchestra.

Presented by PIX FILM Collective and LIFT

ponyHAUS: Don't Look a Grant Horse in the Mouth

ponyHAUS: Don't Look a Grant Horse in the Mouth

ponyHAUS is back for our midsummer bash!

at PIX FILM Gallery 

July 23 at 7:00 PM

Dufferin Street Unit C, Toronto

We're at the tail end of our grant $$, so we're going all out with our BIGGEST show of the year feat. an eclectic mix of live electroacoustic harp, performance art, DJs, electronic pop, and live digital projection work.

DOORS at 7PM EST (virtual+physical)

at 5PM - BEFORE THE SHOW: The ALBUM PREMIERE of Can You Carry The Clouds Away's a GoldenPallace 2 hide in with Live Painting by Kye Garant

Suggested ticket donation: $10-20 to support our artists & the team behind the show.
If tickets are sold out, we'll be streaming on Twitch.

For more info about the artists and show updates, follow us on Instagram!

Lineup (Set Times TBA):
Grace Scheele + Lingxiang Wu
Phorie b2b Altergirl + Gabriel Masewich
ANA LUISA + Riley Kojima
Escobutt + Peter Rahul
Isla Den + Lily Platt

ASL Interpretation will be provided throughout the night for both in-person and virtual audiences. PIXFILM has a raised step to enter the building and bathrooms are not easily accessible by mobility devices. Livestream will be streamed outside the building where it will be more easily accessible with great sound quality - folks are encouraged to gather outside for fresh air, more physical space, and a good view of our live painting! Please reach out to us at with any questions, needs, thoughts, etc.

See less

Outdoor Market

Outdoor Market

JUNE 11 at PIX FILM Gallery outdoor 

Fun Day from 10am-5pm !  and Free Jazz Music by ECOTONE ORCHESTRA performance at Noon and 2pm 



Audio Reactive Visuals - ponyHAUS Workshop 

Learn TouchDesigner basics for making Interactive Visuals

May 11 at PIX FILM and Online hosted by PonyHaus

6PM -8:30pm

1411 Dufferin St. Unit C, Toronto 


ponyHAUS  Show

ponyHAUS Show

Colt Classics

MAY 1, 2022 at PIX FILM Gallery

from noon to 11pm - onsite and online 

presented in collaboration with Symbiocene, Colt Classic will be streaming online aswell as hosted IRL From PIX FILM Gallery. As well as Symbiocene will be bringing some of their fav artists from around Toronto for a gallery show wich will be open during the day.




COWBOY UP (or lay there crying)

April 11, 2022

Digital doors @7pm

Broadcast from PIX FILM Gallery -  Live on the window!

Thanks to PIX FILM Collective 

and The Canada Council for the Arts




April, 3  at 7pm - PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street Unit C, Toronto

In the wake of our year(+) of lockdown and of telepresence, Roger Beebe returns to the road with a program of 16mm multi-projector performances.  The program features several newer works (Lineage (for Norman McLaren) (2019, 4 x 16mm), de rerum natura (2019, 3 x 16mm + video), Home Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry (2021, 4 x 16mm),  alongside some of his best-known projector performances (including the seven-projector show-stopping Last Light of a Dying Star (2008/2011)).  He will also include a sampling of recent essayistic videos, presented as live-narrated documentaries. These works take on a range of topics from the forbidden pleasures of men crying (Historia Calamitatum (The Story of My Misfortunes)) to the racial politics of font choices (The Comic Sans Video) and the real spaces of the virtual economy (Amazonia).

Roger Beebe is a filmmaker whose work since 2006 consists primarily of multiple-projector performances and essayistic videos that explore the world of found images and the "found" landscapes of late capitalism. He has screened his films around the globe at such unlikely venues as the CBS Jumbotron in Times Square and McMurdo Station in Antarctica as well as more likely ones including Sundance and the Museum of Modern Art with solo shows at Anthology Film Archives, The Laboratorio Arte Alameda in Mexico City, and Los Angeles Filmforum among many other venues. Beebe is also a film programmer: he ran Flicker, a festival of small-gauge film in Chapel Hill, NC, from 1997-2000 and was the founder and Artistic Director of FLEX, the Florida Experimental Film Festival from 2004-2014. He is currently a Professor in the Department of Art at the Ohio State University.

Program Co-presented by PIX FILM and LIFT

Baltic Experimental Films

Baltic Experimental Films

Baltic Experimental films 

March 28, at 7pm - PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street Unit C, Toronto

Presented by Curator: Ieva Balode (Baltic Analog Lab) In Person.

Ieva Balode is a founder of artist’s collective and film lab Baltic Analog Lab from Riga, Latvia that gathers filmmakers and photographers working in a field of a photochemical and experimental film. 

1.  Center Fugue. Roberts Vanags

Latvia / 2021 / b/w / sound / 3’ 20’’ / 16mm >> digital

2.. Bonds Of Time. Henrijs Laķis

Latvia / 2021 / colour / sound / 16’ / 16mm >> digital

3. Père au ciel / Father In Heaven. Kei Sendak

Latvia / 2021 / colour & b/w / sound / 4’ 30’’ / 16mm >> digital

4. The Bearers of Memories. Miglė Križinauskaitė-Bernotienė

Lithuania / 2020 / colour / sound / 13’ 20” / 16mm >> digital

5. Compos Mentis. Linda Lindenberga

Latvia / 2021 / colour & b/w / sound / 6’ / 16mm >> digital

6. Notes from the underground. Eglė Razumaitė

Lithuania, France / 2020 / colour / sound / 18’ 30’’ / Super 16mm >> digital

7. ? Betija Zvejniece

Latvia / 2021 / colour / digital sound / 2’ 40’’ / 16mm >> digital

8. Factory of Collision. Ieva Balode

Latvia / 2021 / b/w / digital sound / 4’ / 16mm

9. The Silva Method. Mersedes Margoite

Latvia / 2021 / colour & b/w / digital sound / 5’ 25’’ / 16mm

10. Wildflower Solstice. Ieva S. Aleksa

Latvia / 2020 / colour / sound / 5’ / Super 8 >> Super 8

11. ReaLitis. Sintija Andersone

Latvia / 2021 / colour / sound / 4’ 20” / 16mm >> 16mm

Program co-presented by PIX FILM and LIFT

Art and Experiment

Art and Experiment

Double screening program presenting some of the most interesting filmmakers currently working at the interface between film and art. 

From the Film Archives of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2020 and 2021

Friday March 25, 2022

Starting at 7pm window screening + Hot Chocolate !

8 pm indoor at PIX FILM Gallery

Free Event

PonyHAUS Cowboy Up (or lay there crying)

PonyHAUS Cowboy Up (or lay there crying)

New show by PonyHAUS  

Cowboy Up (or lay there crying) 

March 15, 2022---> sorry, it will be re-scheduled !

Digital doors open @7pm

~~ online music x digital art out of the stables and into your hearts ~~ WARNING: Our shows may contain images that could trigger seizures for those with photosensitive epilepsy. For ASL Interpretation:

Broadcasting from PIX FILM Gallery 

In partneship with PIX FILM Collective 

Supported by The Canada Council for the Arts

Stephanie Castonguay (Montréal) in person

Stephanie Castonguay (Montréal) in person

Recipient of the Studio Immersion Program at PIX FILM in 2020 Funded by The Petman Foundation

This is a 2 part presentation:
Live Performance at Music Gallery on December 15 at 7:30pm

Artist talk at PIX FILM Gallery on December 17 at 7:00pm
Stephanie will give us a tour of her explorations to develop her innovative tools of sound performance:
A self-built light-scanner instrument.

Program co-presented with MUSIC GALLERY

Part of the Emergents series, curated by Sara Constant.

Augmented Reality Exhibition

Augmented Reality Exhibition

MOVEMENT: Toronto <> Vienna is an international collaboration between PIX FILM Collective (Toronto) and the ArtificialMuseum [ARM] (Vienna).

PIX FILM Collective’s Studio Immersion Program, supported by The Petman Foundation, has provided grants to nine Canadian artists to create artwork for the augmented-reality platform, the Artificial Museum [ARM].

Artists participants :

Coco Guzmán | Debashis Sinha | Elise Simard | Kate Wilson | Khadija Aziz

Libby Hague | Marco Royal Nicodemo | Nick Fox-Gieg | Winston Hacking

MOVEMENT: Toronto <> Vienna is the launch of [ARM] in Toronto. Though MOVEMENT is a virtual exhibition, it is situated in the public spaces of the Dupont/Geary/Dufferin area, a sprawl of rapid transformation.

The exhibition will be experienced in a parallel virtual show at the MUSEUMSQUARTIER (MQ) in Vienna Novembre 15-24, 2021

more to see at

Y3K - Vinyl Release

Y3K - Vinyl Release

Vinyl release  Y3K from Grey Matter by C.J. Robertson & 2nd Son

Where: PIX FILM Gallery (Outdoor Patio) 

From 2:00-8:00pm 

October 16, 2021

Private event

Bruno Delgado Ramo from Sevilla, Spain
Performance & Screening 
Oct. 7 at 7 PM at PIX FILM Gallery
1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C - Toronto
Free to general public 
social distancing observed
mask and vaccination proof required.

Bruno Delgado Ramo from Sevilla, Spain
Performance & Screening
Oct. 7 at 7 PM at PIX FILM Gallery
1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C - Toronto
Free to general public
social distancing observed
mask and vaccination proof required.

Super 8mm film screenning and preformance by artists Bruno Delgado Ramo from Seville, Spain.

Co-presented by the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) and PIX FILM

Program 100 Minutes


Frame Manoeuvres
2021, super8 loop, 18fps, silent

2019, 7, super8 loop, 18fps, magnetic sound

Un baile con Fred Abstrait
2020, 26min, super8, 18fps, silent
Una película en color
2019, 28min, super8, 18fps, silent


2021, 5min, super8, 18fps, silent

2021, 3min, super8, 18fps, silent
Work to get done
2021, 24min, super8, 18fps, magnetic sound


Bruno Delgado Ramo (Seville, 1991) devises his often interdisciplinary work as research that is grounded in artistic, experimental, materialistic and spatial practice of cinema means, within which film is conceived as the recording of a process, while both filming and screening are transformed into light-based processes occurring at specific locations and contexts. His recent works on Super 8 use several picture and sound in-camera procedures. Delgado Ramo often takes care of the projection himself, directly setting the conditions required for the presentation. His practice has led him to films, spatial and live proposals and text matter. His work has been presented at the festivals of Rotterdam, Pesaro or Vila do Conde; in the frame of Light Field, (S8) Mostra de cinema periférico, Nomadica, San Francisco Cinematheque, WIELS, FRACTO, BIAU XI, Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance or INJUVE; and accompanied by the work of Esperanza Collado at Image Forum or Taipei Contemporary Art Center. Lately he has started the initiative “kino~okno” in Sevilla, comprising films, screening programmes, exhibition, installation and live formats, focused on the mechanical, photochemical and optical genuine root of cinema. In February 2021 he and Paula Guerrero conceive the group Las Synergys, investigating on the live experiences of film projection and Dj mixing.

This program is presented by the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto.

Bruno Delgado Ramo's residency at LIFT is made possible in part through support from (S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico and the Acción Cultural Española (AC/E).

Taller de mantenimiento de equipos de cine

Taller de mantenimiento de equipos de cine

Taller de reparación de equipos de cine casero.

Este taller sera ofrecido en español. Conectemonos con el propósito casero e íntimo del  celuloide. El mantenimiento, cuidado, reparación, y la guias de compra de estos equipos de segunda mano.

Revisaremos , diferentes equipos de filmación, empalmadoras, rebobinadoras, projectores, peliculas de uso y re-uso.

Inscripciones a:
Fechas y horarios: 28 y 29 de Agosto 5pm vía Zoom (Hora Perú)

Taller Dirigido por Madi Piller



Experience films in a new dimension.

View/Regard is a new program of works by women. 

Nadine Valcin, Francisca Duran, Megan Michalak, Phoebe Parsons, and the Sponge Gourd Collective ( Daphne Xu, Diane Zhou, Beatrix Chu)

Supported by The Ontario Arts Council.

Every month, discover a new film at dusk screened on the PIX FILM Gallery Window.

Also, collect the Image Magnet to experience the film in Augmented Reality (send us your mailing address for a free limited collectible magnet)

There is also a Described Video Version on the PIX FILM Collective website: for blind and visually impaired people.

Outdoor Screening

Outdoor Screening

Summer BBQ & Screening at PIX FILM Gallery Saturday July 10, 2021 at 8pm 





In 2021 the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) is celebrating their 40th Anniversary. The artist run centre has grown significantly over the past four decades. Evolving into the country's largest artist-run centre of its kind—it has supported thousands of projects and been a base to thousands of artists over the past 40 years.

In honour of this milestone LIFT is presenting "UNSTEADY LANDSCAPES," a free 10 film video on demand (VOD) program on VUCAVU from May 28 - June 6, 2021 that seeks to unpack the plurality of visions LIFT has been able to support over the years. All films will feature closed captioning.

"Because celebrations of this particular milestone have proven to be somewhat muted amidst the third wave of COVID-19 here in Ontario, we wanted to take a step back and pull from the past to gather optimism for the future," explains Development Coordinator Cayley James who assembled the program.

The program brings together titles that were supported through our long running production and postproduction grants for members, the Madvo Collection Commissioning Project, Film Access in partnership with Tangled Art + Disability, LIFT/imagineNATIVE mentorship program with imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival, Studio Immersion Residency in partnership with PIX Film as well as our year-round production support of members projects through equipment rentals.

"This program enables us to recall the collaboration, creativity and tenacity that has marked our past forty years as an artist-run centre. While this program is not a comprehensive list of the work that has been made by the LIFT community, we wanted to use it to provide a sense of growth about where we might be heading."

Streaming starts May 28 at 10am EDT and runs through to June 6, 2021 at 11:59pm EDT on VUCAVU's website.

The program will include:

"Video Home System" by Sharlene Bamboat (2016 Production/Post-Production Grant) 

"The Peak Experience" by Leslie Supnet (LIFT/PIXFILM 2017 Film Studio Immersion Program, Funded by the Petman Foundation) 

"165708" by Josephine Massarella (2015 Production/Post-Production Grant) 

"Behind the Fare" by Loveleen Kaur and Mariam Zaidi (2015 Production/Post-Production Grant) 

"Dust Cycles" by Eva Kolcze (2014 Production/Post-Production Grant) 

"Cut" by Susan Justin (2008 Production/Post-Production Grant) 

"Honey for Sale" by Amanda Strong (2009 LIFT/imagineNATIVE Mentorship Program) 

"Sira" by Rolla Tahir (2017 Madvo Collection Commissioning Project, supported by the Canada Council for the Arts) 

"Welcome to Ataratiri" by Adam Roy Cohoon (2016 Film Access Program in partnership with Tangled Arts, supported by the Ontario Arts Council) 

"Honey Moccasin" by Shelley Niro (Production Support through member rentals)



In times of COVID-19, PIX FILM Collective is adapting its yearly Studio Immersion Program, by creating the new PIX FILM Collective - Virtual Residency 2021

go to: PIX FILM

This program is supported by the Petman Foundation.

In collaboration with the Artificial Museum in Vienna

Full Circle Exhibition

Full Circle Exhibition

An installation of hybrid film creations contemplating the "anniversary" of the lockdowns of March 2020

Artists participants were guided in workshop series and mentored by Madi Piller and Alexandra Gelis from PIX FILM Collective

Visit the exhibition installed on the front window of TMAC after 8PM

Toronto Media Atrs Centre | 32 Lisgar St. 

From April 8 - 15, 2021

Artists: Andrea Holstein | Amanda Wong | Cindy Tibizarwa | Freaia de Waal | Jacklyn Osadebamwen | Lucia Linares | Seungwoo Baek

Project FULL CIRCLE presented by Charles Street Video and PIX FILM

Open Call

Open Call

Coming Soon

Full Circle Workshop

Full Circle Workshop

Series of Film/Hybrid workshops in collaboration with Charles Street Video

And Final Exhibition 

Full Circle Workshop and Exhibition

Full Circle Workshop and Exhibition

Charles Street Video and Pix Film Gallery are collaborating to host Full Circle, an online 4-week workshop (1 session a week) that explores loop-making with 16mm film. Through the creative process, participants are invited to contemplate the "anniversary" of the initial lockdowns of March 2020, using analogue materials to reflect on our current era of digital gatherings and communication. The workshop will culminate in a group exhibition using projectors and monitors to display the works and their soundscapes from inside TMAC's window space out to the public. Participants will receive an honorarium for exhibiting their work.

A package of art materials will be sent to participants so they can work at home. The first two sessions will focus primarily on experimentation with the film material (including explorations of the physical structure of 16mm film, introductions on how to make simple animations with painted imagery, and working with found footage), and creating soundscapes. The last two sessions will be dedicated to curating and preparing the group exhibition at TMAC.

This workshop is an introduction to free and elementary forms of film abstraction and is open to emerging media artists, sound artists, and filmmakers interested in experimenting on film within a collaborative experience. Basic editing skills are ideal but not required.

Full Circle facilitators are Madi Piller and Alexandra Gelis of the Pix Film Collective.

This workshop is free of charge but has limited capacity. Participants must be located within the Greater Toronto Area. If you'd like to participate, please upload a written paragraph or 1-minute video outlining your Statement of Interest to

Stephanie Castoguay

Stephanie Castoguay


Stephanie Castoguay


Supported by the Petman Foundation


December 18, 2020 at 6pm - 9pm



Driven by experimentation, Castonguay investigates electronic circuitry as a physical process and phenomenon that leaves a palpable, audible trace. Her approach to sound and DIY electronics is playful, practical and organic: she disassembles and repurpose obsolete, barely audible machines to reveal the resonance, glitches and random sounds unexpectedly hidden within. Her work has been presented in Montreal and abroad, such as Perte de Signal, STEIM, Tsonami Arte Sonoro, and most recently at Festival Internacional de la Imagen and Athens Digital Arts Festival. She has performed in various festivals such as Sight & Sound, Ibrida Pluri II, Instruments Make Play, Code d’Accès, Mutek, Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Lux Magna and Suoni Per il Popolo. She is a member at Perte de Signal.

Britany Gunderson

Britany Gunderson


Britany Gunderson


Supported by the Petman Foundation





Britany Gunderson received a BFA in Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her practice is often interdisciplinary, creating film and video work that uses material forms such as hand-cut paper, textile fabrics, and celluloid. Exploring ideas of personal non-fiction, her work expands the idea of what a moving image can be. She has screened at venues internationally and received an Honorable Mention at the 2018 Milwaukee Underground Film Festival

Workshop SEO

Workshop SEO


Making Content Findable 

An introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


This free workshop will share key information on how to make artist and art organization content findable online. The workshop is geared to content creators and arts administrators. It will include a non technical overview of keyword research and planning, how to make your website more findable and where social media fits in. It will also touch on the role of images, video and voice. There will be a particular focus on reaching new artists and audiences with disabilities. The workshop will include tips to support the inclusion of people with different disabilities by integrating proven accessibility best practices into SEO. There will be an ASL interpretor in the session. Finally this presentation will include a look at the future. What impact will technologies such as artificial intelligence, data lakes and  Internet of Things have? How can we as artists and art organizations prepare ourselves?   Presenting the workshop will be digital content creator and documentary filmmaker Althea Manasan, accessibility consultant Sage Lovell of Deaf Spectrum and digital strategist and animator Barb Taylor. 

This research and workshop has been funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.   

There will be disability accommodations for this workshop.

RSVP REF: Workshop SEO to 

(you will receive a Link for the meeting)


Instructor: Barb Taylor

Barb Taylor has expertise in mobile application, audio and animation worlds.  She has just wrapped researching and writing a digital strategy for the City of Calgary property which includes an investigation into the impact of Internet of Things (IoT), artifical intelligence and voice.  Previously Barb was mobile application product owner for Canadian Tire, CBC and Corus Entertainment. Barb has audio expertise through her previous positions as Digital Manager for both CBC Radio and Corus Entertainment Radio. She is the recipient of the Corus Innovation Award for the creation of a tween online radio station and a Webby Honoree for her work on the CBC Massey Lectures’ website based on Lawrence Hill’s book Blood the Stuff of Life.

Barb is an award winning animation artist. She’s most recently completed a cell animated short Bobbi and Sheelagh with support from Canada Council which recently screened at Tricky Women Animation Festival in Vienna, Fairytales in Calgary among others.  Previous animation includes Tomboy, recipient of the CBC Canadian Reflection Award and Audience Award Reeling Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Chicago among others. Barb currently has an animated feature film Queen Maeve in development and is just completing a short based on the memoir How to Get a Girl Pregnant in collaboration with artist Karleen Pendleton Jiménez.


Instructor: Althea Manasan

Althea Manasan is a digital producer for CBC Radio, where she creates online content -- including articles, videos and multimedia features -- and manages digital projects for national radio shows. Previously, she managed CBC Radio's social media accounts and was the social strategist for the How to Get a Girl Pregnant webseries development.

Althea also directs and produces documentary and narrative shorts. Her film Clown Killer screened at the 2018 Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Her previous projects include: Footprints, which won the Emerging Filmmakers Award at 2012 Toronto Urban Film Festival; The Missing, which was featured in the National Screen Institute's 2013 Online Short FilmFestival; and Sully's, which screened at the 2016 Canadian Sport Film Festival and was broadcast by Bell Local.


Instructor: Sage Lovell

Sage Lovell is an artist, educator, and writer. They attended Gallaudet University where their experiences made them realize that Deaf Accessibility was twenty years behind in Canada. They returned to their roots and focused on advocacy which led them into creating art as political statements. Since then, they’ve been working closely with various communities, developing meaningful work that continues to evolve; incorporating media, language, theatre, and accessibility into art. These multitudes of experiences led Sage to establish Deaf Spectrum, where the focus is on promoting the accessible usage of American Sign Language (ASL).

Film Workshop

Film Workshop


This is a workshop brought to you by Alucine Latin Film + Media Arts Festival 


Film Workshop: Fascinations on Film 

Monday, October 26th and Tuesday, October 27th, 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM Pix Film Gallery  Price: $60.00


Register at


Note: This workshop is open to emerging and mid-career artists who already have experience in film and media arts. To apply for this workshop, please submit a one-paragraph statement of interest, as well as a brief bio, to  This workshop has a capacity of eight, so we cannot guarantee that you will be selected to participate. Please ensure that you are available to attend both days of the workshop before applying.


Films made at the workshop will be screened on Friday, October 30th, 4:00 PM at the Pix Film Gallery.

A two-day experimental workshop on 16mm film without a camera. We will create a series of short loops to make a collaborative performance with multiple projections and live sound as a result of the workshop.

We will approach creation issues from a free and authorial perspective. With a selection of experimental works and samples, we will begin two days of experimentation with film material and one day for the development of presentation and performance with the visual and sound materials created. We will use 16mm, Super 8m and 35mm film slides, as well as plants, markers, filters, stamps, and paper to create, copy, and modify images on the 16mm film.

The workshop is an opportunity for an introduction to free and elementary forms of film abstraction. It will take place in Pix Film Studio, where a short introduction to more complex techniques with Optical printer, rotoscoping, and filming with Oxberry will be given as a compliment.

The workshop is open to artists, including sound artists and musicians interested in experimenting on film within a collaborative experience.


Workshop Facilitators:

Madi Piller

Alexandra Gelis



Madi Piller is a filmmaker, animator, programmer, and independent curator currently living and working in Toronto, Canada. Her abstract, nonrepresentational and poetic images are drawn from film explorations in Super 8, 16mm and 35mm, as well as photography and video. The resulting imagery is strongly influenced by diverse animation techniques and styles.

Madi’s films have been screened at film festivals, alternative spaces, and contemporary art venues nationally and internationally including TIFF Wavelengths, the Festival du Cinema Jeune, Paris, France, Bienal de La Imagen Movimiento, Buenos Aires, Argentina and the Melbourne Animation Festival, Melbourne, Australia. Her work has been produced with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council. She is a recipient of the Chalmers Arts Fellowship.


Alexandra Gelis is a Colombian-Venezuelan media artist based in Toronto with a background in visual arts. She is a PhD candidate in Environmental Studies at York University, she also holds an MFA degree from the same university, Toronto, Canada. Her work predominantly involves photography, video, electronic and digital processes. Gelis’ work addresses the use of image in relation to displacement, landscape and politics beyond borders or culturally specific subjects. In her latest works she has expanded her practice using electronics and programming for interactivity.

International Experiments Online

International Experiments Online

Setzkasten another night of international collaborations 

PIX FILM is partner presenter of

Online premieres and experiments.

May 23, 2020 

Begins at 20:00 CET (UTC +1)



IV. POST-CRISIS REMEMBRANCE – M. Kardinal & Monocube
An audio-visual remembrance through post-crisis moments of urban landscapes and their sounds reflecting on contemporary crisis eventssuch as disasters, and other critical incidents.
Created from found footage of urban environment – in particular archive material from Berlin – the running magnetic tape will be analogue manipulated with a modified video mixer. The visual motifs interact with the music of Monocube and vice versa. Based on analogue synthesizer and field recordings, he fills the space with a nervous, dreadful energy.



 Die Schrödingergleichung wird in den fünfdimensionalen Raum übertragen – sie transformiert in Form einer akustischen Differentialgleichung die zeitliche Veränderung des quantenmechanischen Bildzustands eines nichtrelativistischen Systems.
Philip Leitner & Stefan Voglsinger

21:00 CoroNation: An Interpenetration Collaboration mit “Setzkasten” 二番

Maja Osojnik presents MAMKA RECORDS (mamka = slowenisch Omilein)
“buy my art, before I die”


MAMKA RECORDS is a new Viennese label, born out of the longing for a space where each and every production is seen and celebrated as a distinct artwork, and one-of-a-kind in its own right.
MAMKA releases statements. Small, but mighty, the label finds its home in all kinds of formats, apart from preexisting norms and technical standards.
MAMKA serves no market. Instead, it serves artists as a platform for their experimental position. At the interface between contemporary experimental music, fine art, literature, handmade electronics and love for detail, MAMKA symbolizes risk, confrontation, benevolent radicalism and the implicitness of the unique. MAMKA is a label for those who revolt, rebel, demand and ask questions.

KMET „viral period“  

video 1:

Are you ping or are you pong? 

Text: Maria, Ellie, Gabriella, Peter 

Duration: 6min 47

players: A + F

music video voice: KMET

video 2: 

$1000 a day 

text:  a friend from nyc 

duration: 5min 13

music video voice: KMET

Repeating habits, repeating routes and routines, repeating games. Portraits of narrowness. Portraits of wideness.

Where do you choose to look and put your focus on? The words come out of different pandemic areas around the globe.

Friendly exchange of war poems of love, luck, hurt and despair.

21.30 Pix Film Collaboration

03:30 PM - Toronto Time
Madicare: audiovisual experiment
The research on WORMHOLE IV aims to connect places acoustically and visually, to distort them in time and to decipher them locally – online and in real world.

22:00 Fuck Club Leeds
is a live art night in Leeds with immersive theatrical elements that extend past the cabaret format. We’ve made it our mission to consume, digest and assimilate radical and abrasive live art. Send us some spam And Spice up ya fucking lives, ya fucking spiceheads.


… as well as some specials and Cinèmatons from the Collection of Guillermo Tellechea (Artoutput) Portraitserie, Super8, Oneshot, 200sec


International Experiments Online

International Experiments Online

Setzkasten broadcast a night of international collaborations.

PIX FILM is partner presenter of online Premieres and Experiments.

April, 18 2020 Begins 17:00


Invited guest: Madi Piller @ PIX FILM Gallery performing with Stefan Voglsinger in Setzkasten Vienna


Stay Safe - Stay Home

Stay Safe - Stay Home


Stay home

Stay safe!



Book Launch

Book Launch

Due to the recent COVID-19 concerns, this event is canceled. It will be rescheduled at a later date.


Hinterland Remixed:

Toronto Book Launch + Screening


Presented by



Thursday March 19 

Reception - 6:00 pm

Screening - 7:00 pm


PIX FILM Gallery - 1411 Dufferin Street Unit C




Archive/Counter-Archive is delighted to host the Toronto book launch of Andrew Burke’s HINTERLAND REMIXED, featuring a special screening of rare and unusual films from 1970s Canada!

The 1970s sometimes feel like a forgotten decade in Canada. Hinterland Remixed challenges this, looking to 1970s Canadian film and television for examples of the utopian and unusual, investigating the unpredictable operations of national cultural memory and its relation to the audiovisual archive. From Michael Snow's experimental landscape film La Région Centrale to SCTV's satirical skewering of network television, this book asks key questions about nation, nostalgia, media, and memory.

Following the film programme will be a conversation with Andrew Burke led by Geoff Pevere (Program Director, Rendez-Vous With Madness Film Festival).

Light refreshments will be served and copies of HINTERLAND REMIXED will be available for purchase!


Workshop & Performance

Workshop & Performance

Due to the recent COVID-19 concerns, these two events are canceled. They will be rescheduled at a later date.


Résonances Induites/Induced Resonances


PIX FILM Collective and Conversalón invites you to an experimental sound performance by artist

Stephanie Castonguay, visiting from Montréal, Quebec.


Tuesday March 17 at 7pm 

PIX FILM Gallery - 1411 Dufferin Street Unit C


Join us also for a workshop on March 18 at 7pm

D.I.Y Speakers 

PIX FILM Gallery
($20 for material cost)


Driven by experimentation, Castonguay investigates electronic audio circuitry as a physical process and phenomenon that leaves a palpable, audible trace. Her approach to sound and DIY electronics is playful, practical and organic: she disassembles and repurposes small, obsolete, barely audible machines to reveal the resonance, glitches and random sounds unexpectedly hidden within.

Stephanie Castonguay work has been presented in Montreal and abroad, such as the Festival International Montréal/Nouvelles Musiques, Biennale Internationale d'Art Numérique, Perte de Signal, Eastern Bloc, Fondation Molinari, Centre Fokal (Ht), STEIM (Nl). She has performed in various festivals such as Sight & Sound, PirateBlocRadio, Ibrida Pluri II, Printemps Numériques, Metarythmes, Instruments Make Play (Nl), Tsonami Sound Art Festival (Cl), Mutek (CA) and most recently for Amplify at Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Lima (PE). She is a member of the artist center Perte de Signal.


This program is co-presented by PIX FILM Collective, Conversalon and Setzkasten Wien.

LEAP DAY Images and Sound Experiments

LEAP DAY Images and Sound Experiments



Presented by

PIX FILM Collective 

Feb 29,2020  at 7PM

1411 Dufferin Street Unit C



Join us for an extra night on LEAP DAY to experience Sound and Images|Analogue | Electronic Music | Film Performance by Blaine & Ross Speigel. 



PIX FILM Collective and TRICKY WOMEN Presents:


Recent Animations by Austrian Women Artists


Tuesday Feb, 11 at 7PM

at PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street Unit C




The program BRIGHT SPOTS & PUSHING BOUNDARIES curated by TRICKY WOMEN/TRICKY REALITIES assembles contemporary positions of Austrian female animation filmmakers. The films are currently touring around the world in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration, and Foreign Affairs. With this program, we once again put the experimental animated film work of women artists at the center of attention.The spectrum of animation technology in analog and digital ranges from drawing and claymation to computer-generated abstraction.


You are still there, Ingrid Gaier, 2017, 4´16


Gerda Wunsch, Barbara Ecker , Bernardette Moser, 2016, 6’12


Solar mechanix 1.1, Martina Tritthart, 2018, 3’28


Knagglig, Amelie Schöglhofer, 2017, 2’33


Me-LOG, Eni Brandner, 2018, 6’52


Fly Us To The Moons, LIA, 2017, 5´35


The Wet Hair, Rebecca Akoun, 2015, 08’00


Lanes, Evelyn Kreinecker, 2017, 5´


Muybridge’s Disobedient Horses, Anna Vasof, 2018, 4´30


How To Adapt, Maria Chalela, 2017, 1’25


Late Season, Daniela Leitner, 2017, 7´26


Glimpse of the Future, Marlene Heidinger, Maité Kalita, Silvia Knödlstorfer, Ji-yoon Lee, Esther Martens, Andreas Neudecker, Sebastian Doringer, Lucia de Quiqueran-Beaujeu, Amelie Schlöglhofer, 2017, 3´16




BRIGHT SPOTS & PUSHING BOUNDARIES is a collaboration between TRICKY WOMEN/TRICKY REALITIES and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration, and Foreign Affairs.

Austrian Embassy Ottawa


Image: Solar mechanix 1.1,

Martina Tritthart, AT 2018



Artists Talk

Artists Talk

PIX FILM and LIFT co-present


Artist Talk


"Dissolving Views:  West Toronto, Past and Present". 


As the artist in PIX FILM/LIFT Studio Immersion Program, Andrew Lennox has worked in a new project using archival images (government/public domain sources) of the development of West Toronto, over the last 100+ years, as its source material. In addition, he will photograph and use the Google Streetview archive to depict the development that has occurred in the same boundary, over the past 10 years.

The research and work in progress will be presented on


Friday December 20 at 7pm 

at PIX FILM Gallery 

Free Event.

Light refreshements will be served 


Supported by The Petman



About the artist

Andrew Lennox,is a film-based artist. Typically, he create objects using analog film as source material and then animate those objects to create a new film. The “film-objects” are presented as sculptures, alongside a looped screening of the animated film. The intention is to straddle the divide between traditional fine arts in a gallery setting, with the convention of projecting film as a timed-based medium, in a cinema setting. This highlights the time-based distinction between analog film and the traditional fine arts, while also demonstrating their relationship as objects of art. While analog film shares its timed-based quality with digital film, digital film does not inherently exist as an object. This unique, intermediary space is both a division and a connection between analog film, digital film and the traditional fine arts. The thrust of his work explores analog film as both a distinct and a related artistic medium, to the traditional fine arts and to digital film. 


Screening Corriente No Ficcion presents in Arequipa, Peru

Screening Corriente No Ficcion presents in Arequipa, Peru

PIX FILM Collective and Corriente No Ficcion presents in Arequipa, Peru


Nov 25 - Canadian Show of Women in Animation, Curated by Madi Piller


KEEWAYDAH - Terril Calder

JEUX DE LUMIERE - Anne Marie Bouchard

ROUND TRIP - Caroline Blais

NUTAG-HOMELAND - Alisi Telengut

PAINTED MOON - Leslie Bell

WONDER KRAMER - Jennifer Linton

INFINITY HOTEL - Neely Goniodsky


OH NO - Emily Pelstring

SNIP - Terril Calder


Theater Mario Vargas LLosa, Arequipa

Free Event


Nov 26 - Focus Alexandra Gelis and Jorge Lozano 


Theater Mario Vargas LLosa, Arequipa

Free Event


Supported by

The Canada Council for the Arts 




Animation festival collaboration

Animation festival collaboration

PIX FILM Collective presenting in Puno at AJAYU Animation Film Festival

Nov 6-10


Screening program of Canadian Women in Animation curated by Madi Piller


KEEWAYDAH - Terril Calder

JEUX DE LUMIERE - Anne Marie Bouchard

ROUND TRIP - Caroline Blais

NUTAG-HOMELAND - Alisi Telengut

PAINTED MOON - Leslie Bell

WONDER KRAMER - Jennifer Linton

INFINITY HOTEL - Neely Goniodsky


OH NO - Emily Pelstring

SNIP - Terril Calder


Teather Mario Vargas LLosa, Arequipa

Free Event


Workshops and Artists Talks  with Terril Calder, Barb Taylor and Madi Piller


Supported by

The Canada Council for the Arts 


Screening & Artists Talk in Lima, Peru

Screening & Artists Talk in Lima, Peru

PIX FILM Collective in collaboration with Espacio Y Tiempo and Centro de Cooperación Española - Lima,Peru



The body and other details

works by Jorge Lozano and Alexandra Gelis 

at Centro de Coperacion Espa˜ñola in Lima Peru

Novembre 5 and 6, 2019 at 7PM




This exhibition, which is structured in two programs, reflects the diversity and complexity of experimental cinema with its different techniques and formats between analog and digital; Understanding the experimental as a territory where new freedoms and new ways of seeing, thinking and doing are invented. In the words of Lozano and Gelis, these are “works that reject finals and closed definitions, and invite the viewer to create their own readings.

After the projections, the artists will talk with the public about techniques between the analog and the digital, and conceptualization of processes.


This exhibition has been supported by the Arts Council of Canada.


About the artists

Jorge Lozano (Colombia) has worked as a film and video artist for the past 20 years and has achieved national and international recognition with the exhibition of his work in festivals and galleries. He has organized numerous cultural and artistic events and founded the Toronto Latino Media Festival AluCine. He has also taught video workshops of self-representations for marginalized Latino and non-Latino youth in Canada since 1991, Colombia (2005-2009) and Venezuela (2005).

Alexandra Gelis (Colombia-Venezuela) combines new media, installation and photography with personalized interactive electronic devices. His projects incorporate personal field research as a tool to investigate the ecologies of various landscapes by examining the traces left by various socio-political interventions. It uses data, video, sound and spatial and electronic media capture techniques to create immersive installations based on documentaries; single channel videos and experimental photography. He has exhibited internationally in America, Europe and Ethiopia.


Supported by

The Canada Council for the Arts 


International Screening Program

International Screening Program




AD HOC #24 
Co-presented with PIX FILM 

Friday, Nov 15 - 7 PM

PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street Unit C



AdHoc Collective is proud to host a touring programme of experimental film from the Scottish Borders-based Moving Image Makers Collective.

As the first self-curated programme of films by MIMC, On the Move speaks to the notions of intervening – with assistance from the moving image – upon one’s immediate environment.
By turns tentative and assertive, these works find rhythm, music and movement in acquired objects, found phenomena and even silence; each, in its own way, argues the case for environment as a conditioning device: a way by which one begins to think about negotiating the world, and the basis for any aesthetic response to it.

On the Move saw its world premiere in May 2019 at the ninth edition of Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival. The Moving Image Makers Collective emerged from the Scottish Borders Community Filmmaking Initiative, a series of workshops run by Alchemy Film & Arts in 2014.

MIMC members come from a diverse range of backgrounds and include authors, poets, photographers, filmmakers, playwrights, painters and mixed media artists. They meet monthly to present new work for peer feedback, an ongoing and collective process of exploration of the moving image which has led to this new programme.

Films included: Weeping Jews Dogs Negroes, Narda Azaria Dalgleish (2’52, 2019); Beneath, Jane Houston Green (3’28, 2019); We sewed them into the hems of our skirts and walked
through the town to the sea where we threw them into the oncoming tide, Dorothy Alexander (6’33, 2018); Codename India-1967, Jason Moyes (2’57, 2018); 18 – 91, Rachael
Disbury (2’24, 2019); Lines in the Sand, Jessie Growden (5’07, 2019); Substitute, Richard Ashrowan (6’50, 2018); Turn it Off, Kerry Jones (1’26, 2018); Kedem, Narda Azaria Dalgleish
(8’12, 2015); Index, Richard Ashrowan (2’46, 2018); Dwam, Frank Brown (4’43, 2018); Glenlochy Ice, Douglas McBride (1’27, 2014); Perilous, Dorothy Alexander (1’47, 2018); Frames, Shapes and Symbols, Jason Moyes (4’53, 2018); Granny Duncan’s Tape Collection, Jessie Growden (1’58, 2018); Blue Book, Kerry Jones (9’, 2018), Autumn 17, Patrick Rafferty (1’40, 2017).

All work screening digitally.

AdHoc is a screening collective with no fixed address. This is a mobile screening series, which aims to rethink what an experience of cinema can be, including the spaces in which it can be exhibited. We seek to reposition historical landmarks and buried treasures within the on-going tradition of experimental and other non-commercial modes of filmmaking, drawing on work from Toronto, throughout Canada, and internationally. Within these parameters, we aspire to diversity in programming, as well as to multimedia and interdisciplinary screening events that bring together varied communities.

AdHoc = Stephen Broomer, Daniel McIntyre, Cameron Moneo, Madi Piller, Jim Shedden, Tess Takahashi, Bart Testa.

International Screening Program and Artist Talk

International Screening Program and Artist Talk

AD HOC #22
Co-presented with PIX FILM 

Saturday, October 26 - 7:00pm

PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Duffern Street Unit C


Free Event


Join us for a presentation by Devon Narine-Singh of his recent video work.

Devon Narine-Singh (b. 1997) is a filmmaker, curator, and scholar based in New York. Recently a graduate from the SUNY Purchase Film Conservatory.

As curator he has presented several screenings at The Film-Makers Coop, bringing in a diverse programs that mix newer emerging artists with established members of the New York experimental community. As a scholar he has presented a talk at NYU Graduate Student Cinema Studies conference. His work has been exhibited at
Microscope Gallery, The Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, and will be in the Wrong Biennale this year.

(All works presented digitally)

There are No Trains in Trinidad (10 min)
A political history of a personal landscape. Weaving interviews with my parents, my hometowns’ bizarre 1980s cult murder and a sense of displacement, I explore what it means to a biracial
American in Long Island, NY.

I woke up in the mud and picked up a camera because of jonas (14 min)
Jonas dies and a ghostly memorial occurs at Anthology Film Archives. I try to get sober and relapsed for 2 years while getting more involved in the experimental film world of New York. The 12 steps are remingage and Jack Smith returns from the dead in a navigation of addiction, recovery, and community.

Who Shall Save Me? (2 min)
An experiment in the possibilities of found footage to make a prayer.

Leave Me Alone and Let me Die (11 min)
Found footage remix of 1980s horror films that examines the feelings of guilt in sobriety and the idea of inner monster but in the end also self forgiveness.

I’ll See You On Dance Floor (Working Title, Estimated Time: 5-10m)
A work in progress meditating on the idea of dance as a form of recovery and political action.

Ad Hoc is a screening collective with no fixed address. This is a mobile screening series, which aims to rethink what an experience of cinema can be, including the spaces in which it can be exhibited. We seek to reposition historical landmarks and buried treasures within the on-going tradition of experimental and other non-commercial modes of filmmaking, drawing on work from Toronto, throughout Canada, and internationally. Within these parameters, we aspire to diversity in programming, as well as to multimedia and interdisciplinary screening events that bring together varied communities.

Ad Hoc = Stephen Broomer, Daniel McIntyre, Cameron Moneo, Madi Piller, Jim Shedden, Tess Takahashi, Bart Testa.

Screening Alucine

Screening Alucine

19th annual edition of aluCine Latin Film+Media Arts Festival.

PIX FILM Co-presenter of the program Finding the Path.


Date: Saturday October 5th, 2019
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Venue: Jackman Hall (AGO)






2017 - MEXICO - 17’ 09 - DRAMA.


2019 - MEXICO - 16’ - DOCUMENTARY.

2018 - COLOMBIA - 14’ - FICTION.

2018 - MEXICO - 18’ 28” DRAMA.


2017 - GUATEMALA - 6’ -DRAMA.

2014- MEXICO, U.S.A - 3’ 29’ - ANIMATION.

Screening Teo Hernandez

Screening Teo Hernandez


Curated by Andrea Ancira( Mexico)


Wednesday, 16 Oct - 7:00pm

PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin Unit C


Suggested entry  $5


Tables d’hiver (1978-1979) Super 8mm / color / sound / 39'

An intimate chronicle of a winter.The days follow one another, the daily gestures, the meals. A reality that passes before our eyes and suddenly turns into an imaginary one. Tables that become carpets or mirrors, where the desired image is placed or reflected.

Space and time constantly transformed by vision. In turn reality or dream.


Nuestra señora de Paris (1981-1982) Super 8mm / color / sound / 22'

A queer portrait of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. This film is part of the Paris Saga series, it is a viewpoint of lights and shadows that articulates a vision that resists the patrimonial gaze of the city's tourism. According to French film critic Dominique Noguez, it’s visual whirlwinds could link Stan Brakhage and the paintings of lyrical abstraction.


Pas de Ciel (1987) Super 8mm / color / silent / 29’

This film is the result of the meeting, the confrontation, and the miraculous agreement between the weightless, vicious camera of Teo Hernandez and the improvisation of dancer-choreographer Bernardo Montet. A body between sea and sky, the silent presence of the wind, a few birds: elements of a fundamental mythology transformed into lyrical abstraction. “Dialectics of rhythm and movement without limits; feedback and coupling are carried out to such a degree that from that moment on all of Hernández's reflections, the whole theoretical body developed around the cinema, takes shape under the subtlety of the dancing image, and thus, a new cinematographic language is born.” Mauricio Hernández


Teodoro Hernández was an artist, filmmaker and writer, born in Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico in 1939. He is an outstanding figure in Mexican and French cinema who focused on experimental film practice within the gay community and the Parisian counterculture in the late 1960s and 70s. During his architecture studies at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, he founded, in 1958, the Centro Experimental de Cinematográfica (Experimental Cinematography with Antonio Campomanes. In 1960, the French Institute of Latin America (I.F.A.L.) funded the first project of the group: a documentary on the institute’s cultural activities. The film remained unfinished and the group split up. In 1966, he settled in Paris after a stay in California. From 1968 to 1970, he directed Super 8 films in London, Paris, several Morocan cities (Tangier, Essaouira and Zagora) and in Copenhagen. Then, together with Michel Nedjar, he filmed Michel là-bas in Morocco (March-April 1970), they then traveled during six years through North Africa, Europe, Turkey the Middle-East, India, Nepal and Central America. In 1976, back in Paris he directed Salomé and the next year took part in the Jeune Cinéma collective in Paris. In 1977, he filmed Cristo, which is part of a serie about the Passion with: Cristaux (1978), Lacrima Cristi (1979-1980) and Graal (1980). With his fellows cine- artists friends Michel Nedjar, Jacques Hautbois aka Jakobois and Gaël Badaud, he created in 1980 the experimental film collective MétroBarbèsRochechou Art. His work was shown at Cinémathèque française in 1979, and in 1984, Centre Pompidou dedicated to him a retrospective exhibition.In the 80’s, interested by the links between image, movement and bodies, he collaborated with Catherine Diverès and Bernardo Montet’s dance company, Studio DM. Together with them, he developed a cinematographic practice mixing cinema, literature and dance. In France, his work has been linked to the École du corps (The School of the Body), an artistic research movement that addresses issues of body representation, identity and gender. Teo Hernández was also a photograph and a writer (he writes poems, notes and reflections on cinema, and contributes to several magazines). Living with AIDS, he passed away on the August 22, 1992, he is buried at Père Lachaise (Paris). From the end of the 1960s until his death, he produced more that 100 films, most of them in Super 8. Shortly before this death, Teo Hernández bequeathed his film work and personal archives to Michel Nedjar, who donated it to Centre Pompidou for its conservation and dissemination. Since then, the Centre Pompidou preserves the Fonds Teo Hernández that includes documents, films, notebooks, photographs and texts by the artist.

This program will be presented with the book Anatomía de la Imagen. Notas de Teo Hernández (Anatomy of the Image: Notes of Teo Hernández) in Pix Film (Toronto) October 16, 2019 and London Ontario (Ontario) October 19, 2019



Andrea Ancira García

Writer, editor and researcher. She has conducted seminars on Critical Theory and Marxism, Politics of the Archive, Sound Ethnographies and Sound Art in academic programs of museums and universities in Mexico. She has worked as a researcher in the Ministry of Culture in Mexico, as curatorial assistant at the University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC) in Mexico City, and as associate curator at Centro de la Imagen. In 2016, she received a curatorial research grant from Jumex Foundation and was the first resident of the Pernod Ricard Fellowship at Villa Vassilieff in Paris. In 2017, with the support of the Board of Contemporary Art (PAC), she participated in the Independent Curators International’s (ICI) Intensive Study Program in New Orleans. In 2018, she was invited to assist the coordination of the Curatorial Program of ICI in Mexico City and participated in the School of Art Criticism of La Tallera / Siqueiros Project. She was Editorial Coordinator of Buró-Buró (2016-18) and she co-founded the feminist editorial platform tumbalacasa. Her line of research focuses on the role of experimental artistic practices in the configuration of identities, sensibilities and social discourses. By examining these practices, whether in the field of sound or image, she has approached them from their possible implications in shaping the commons. The perspective from which she explores these phenomena is based on multiple theoretical frameworks such as Marxism, the history of contemporary culture and politics, feminism, decolonial studies, among others. She has published in academic and nonacademic platforms.


Co-Presented by AdHoc, LIFT,LeLABO, PIX FILM

Supported by Living Arts

Screening Xisela Franco

Screening Xisela Franco

Xisela Franco In Person

Works from the Migrant Cinema


Tuesday , 10 Sep - 7:30pm

PIX FILM Gallery
1411 Dufferin Street Unit C

FREE Screening


Filmmaker based in Spain. She received a MFA from York University and began a doctorate in Fine Arts at the University of Vigo.
Documentary and poetics views are intertwined in her work.

She has directed and scripted more than twenty documentaries and experimental film pieces . Under the label of " Migrant Cinema ", Xisela Franco encompasses all her works, which she describes as personal works on horseback between the experimental documentary and the museum cinema.

Selfportrait (1Min)

On the occasion of a commission of a photo-self-portrait for an interview, the artist leaves the camera recording, unintentionally, prior to the realization of the photo. Then when you turn the material over to the computer you will find that long video clip, which is funny, and edits it.

July 13th, August 12th (2 min)

Vertical diptych about two days lived by the artist in July 2014 in which she filmed two rolls of Super8 counting the celebration of her birthday in the company of her partner and friends.


Via Lactea (4 min)
In “Milky Way” (16mm / video.4 min, 2013), Xisela Franco, as a nursing virgin, presents a maternity self-portrait. On its naked bodies 16mm film is projected, remnants of reused old celluloid, material painted by it frame by frame; getting a mottled effect of abstraction in motion that is printed on them as if they were a canvas transformed by memory. The sound design envelops the work in a dark tone.


Hyohakusha (Aimless wonderer) (26 min)

film directed by Anxela Caramés and Xisela Franco . It was initially performed as part of an installation at an exhibition about Japan and the Fukushima disaster, Lost & Found . Re-collected Archives, in Normal (Art Space of the University of Coruña) organized by the S8 Festival, curated by Bettina Korten.


Presented by PIX FILM



Screening Michael Woods

Screening Michael Woods

Michael Woods in Person


Moderated by Dan Browne


Th. August 22 -7:30pm

PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C

PWYC, $5 Suggested

60 Minutes program include:


Dailies from the USA

16mm transferred digitally. Apple Pro Res 422HQ Master



A Day in a Place - (scene from Exodus: Melencolia) 16mm & Video transferred digitally. H264 Master



Post-Panoptic Gazing
Hand-processed and lab-processed 16mm, super 8, 35mm, stop motion multi-gauge collage, found footage, mini-dv, 2.5K Video



Fractal Death 7 - but you ain’t sayin nothin parasitic
16mm Digitally manipulated & Found Footage. Apple Pro Res 422HQ Master



Window Shopping in the fall of Babylon

16mm Digitally Transferred. Apple Pro Res 422HQ Master



Stuck in the 90’s Episodes 3 & 2

Video, Found Footage. Apple Pro Res 422HQ Master




iPhone stills. Apple Pro Res 422HQ Master



An Infinite Loop for Resistance - chopped & screwed

Hand-processed and lab-processed 16mm, Found Footage, super 8, 35mm, stop-motion multi-gauge collage.

Apple Pro Res 422HQ Master




Michael Woods is a American-Latinx media terrorist working in avant-garde film, video art, photography, collage, sound design, and performance. Woods' work chronicles the spread of the Numb Spiral, the results of a digital sickness that manifests itself in the codification and symbolic negation of being. His work is a fashioned attack against the institutional structures of white supremacy and the alpha male fantasy. The Numb Spiral is the point at which consciousness negates being, and a cruel illusion maintains control of the flailing senses. What begins as apathy, surreptitiously devolves into solipsism and nihilism, until the infected succumbs to the perception of total illusion. The Digital Sickness is the evil at the heart of mediated representation, and in tandem with spectacle and the negation of the simulacra, the Digital Sickness marches onwards towards the eradication of the real and the propagation of its double.


Dan Browne is a Toronto-based media artist whose works have screened at numerous festivals, cinematheques and galleries worldwide. He has curated programmes of experimental media in Toronto for more than a decade with the Loop Collective, and most recently as a part of Vertical Features. Dan’s writing on filmmaking has been published in Incite Journal of Experimental Media, Otherzine, Brno Studies in English Journal, San Francisco Cinematheque, Millennium Film Journal, and “Process Cinema: Handmade Film in the Digital Age“ (2019, McGill–Queens UP). 


Co-Presented by PIX FILM and Pleasure Dome



Artists Talk Blinn & Lambert 

Artists Talk Blinn & Lambert 


Blinn & Lambert


ARTIST Immersion Studio Program LIFT/PIX FILM

Supported by the Petman Foundation


Wed. August 7 - 7:30pm

PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street Unit C


Free Event


Blinn & Lambert will screen Romantic Love, a 23 minute dual dual 35 mm slide projection.  For this project they developed an imaging technique that is haptic, laborious, and unpredictable.  It is incapable of linear perspective, and instead generates perspectives that are isometric and optically reversible. 
Here, a prolonged meditation on a single shirt from one of our wardrobe is both architectural and anthropomorphic. 
Blinn & Lambert are currently working on an experimental animation that utilizes a hybrid process of digital 3D modeling, 2D digital animation, long-exposure analog photography and ultimately 16mm film.  They will show other works in progress from their time at LIFT and PIX FILM Studio Immersion Program.


Blinn & Lambert is the pseudonym for the collaborative duo of Nicholas Steindorf and Kyle Williams. Although they work primarily in moving image, their practice is rooted in the elastic field of painting. Their work is motivated by the history of image-making technologies—CGI interfaces, Dutch still life paintings, practical cinema effects, stereoscopic cameras—and the way these technologies can be paradigms for describing time, material, and screen presence. Their videos and animations explore humor, desire, anxiety, and bewilderment through meditations on quotidian objects. Ultimately, they want to give viewers time with objects that have been nudged out of their place in the world, and a cinematic re-imaging of the space that exists between us and our things.



Under Control

Female Experiments in Animation

Thursday, July 4. 2019 – 16:30

@ FILMHAUS KINO in Spittelberg 3, Vienna

 62 min


The “Under Control” film program showcase 9 films by independent female Canadian animators.  The program takes us through scratch films, mental journeys, body choreography, abstractions, wonders and indigenous realities in Canada.


Curated by Madi Piller


Jeux de Lumiere / Light Play

Anne Marie Bouchard | 2017 | 7 min 33 sec | CA

Old footage from 16mm film is scratched, drawn upon, and experimentally animated with a quantum dots solution. The film seems at first about sound, the moon, and exotic birds, but it is more about narration, experimentation, and playfulness.

Round Trip

Caroline Blais | 2013 | 3 min 10 sec | CA

This film explores the mental journey that happens when one is traveling.

This Is The Way They Make Us Bend

Allison Hrabliuk | 2013 | 3 min 23 sec | CA

A three-legged figure with no head meticulously follows an absurd set of drawn instructions. Choreography by Claire French.

Painted Moon

Leslie Bell | 2009 | 6 min 40 sec | CA

Abstract – Stop motion and cel animation


Jennifer Linton | 2018 | 5 min 24 sec | CA

Madelaine’s cabinet of curiosities contained a collection of wonders to both delight and horrify. One day, a mysterious item in her cabinet captures her attention. A darkly-tinged fantasy that explores the erotic-grotesque.

Infinity Hotel

Neely Goniodsky | 2017 | 3 min 41 sec | CA

The Infinity Hotel is a place with an infinite number of rooms. When guests arrive, all other guests shift one room over in perpetual limbo. Except there is this one room…

Oh No

Emily Pelstring | 2016 | 2 min 50 sec | CA

In this animated music video for Jack and Eliza’s “Oh No”, tiny wooden homes emerge from the ground amidst the grass. An empty speech bubble emerges from a human belly button. Detached, floating human arms reach out, hold hands, let go of each other, defy gravity, and float into space.


Terril Calder | 2016 | 15 min| CA

SNIP examines the reclamation of history, literally ‘snipping’ it out of past colonial ideologies. Through the stories of Charlie and Niska, two children caught in the residential school system, and Gorden and Annie, two urban Aanishinaabe, the film’s ever shifting gaze moves into an indigenous perspective. A reinterpretation of Joseph’s debut ballet “Going Home Star – Truth and Reconciliation” SNIP was first mounted at ImagineNative.

Canned meat

Terril Calder | 2009 | 28 min| CA

Terril’s Calder film Canned Meat serves up an animated tale of rotting beauty queen who attempts to preserve her youthful image by sealing herself up in a silverline trailer.


Program Supported by Living Arts



Private Event


Saturday,May 25, 2019

PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street Unit C



Private Event Screening


Friday, Apr. 12,2019  6pm 

PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street Unit C



Workshop Electronics

Workshop Electronics

Relay Crickets Workshop

By Ones and Zeros: Art + Tech Workshops


Tuesday, Apr 9, 2019 6-9pm

PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street Unit C, Toronto



Please join Galen for an experiment! This workshop is:

- a history of the relay, an electronic component key to the development of the telegraph, telephone, and early computers
- a hands-on electronics workshop teaching a technique called “dead bug” soldering
- and, a critical and poetic conversation about high tech, rare earth, and invasive species.

We’ll learn about the history of electromagnetic relays, and then misuse them to build electromagnetic crickets — small circuit-creatures that sing in the dark and are silent in the light. At the end of the evening, we’ll get speculative as a group, imagining and building the kind of environment that these creatures belong in.

Screening Obstcuritads

Screening Obstcuritads

Avant-garde Cinema Collective OBSCURITADS.


Presented by PIX FILM Gallery, Pickpocket Studio Films and CFMDC


Saturday Feb.16 at 7pm

PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street Unit C, Toronto

(pay what you can)




Los (de) pendientes (2015) 24 mins digital.

Sebastian Wiedemann (Colombia).


Three essays about images of fighting and surviving in public spaces. By reusing a corpus of revolutionary Argentinian films created between 1956 and 2006, LOS (DE)PENDIENTES determines which works were visually loyal to the challenges of their times and shows the deplorable physical state of crucial images of life and fight.

"Sampling Argentinian critical and revolutionary films from 1956 to 2006, Los (De)pendientes offers a great step in the conception of film history. Without any words, considering the past, it tells what visual works were faithful to the real issues of their times; considering the present, it shows in which poor condition are these crucial images of life and struggle; considering the becoming, it indicates what remains to be done to reconstruct a fairest and truest history of cinema; considering eternity, it is an auratic poem of bold shadows." NICOLE BRENEZ





ATONAL (2019) 16 mins. Digital, Mikel Guillen (France).


The Film piece is a poem about the mysterious relationship between musical Atonality and Male Asexuality. The Film will be a world premiere.



SLEEP HAS HER HOUSE (2017) 130 mins, Digital, Iphone. Scott Barley (UK).


The shadows of screams climb beyond the hills. It has happened before. But this will be the last time. The last few sense it, withdrawing deep into the forest. They cry out into the black, as the shadows pass away, into the ground.
Through long static takes, the film develops a contemplative, hypnotic experience, akin to paintings that move, mixing live action and still photography (shot on iPhone) and hand-drawn images.
The film is dedicated to the late French filmmaker and friend, Philippe Cote, who passed way in 2016.





"There are moments within Sleep Has Her House of such exquisite and subtle rendering of ‘moving light in place’ that I have always dreamed of experiencing in the cinema. A black forest film to be entered into only with great care and caution [...] Scott Barley has dared us to imagine a cinema of such fragile - and terrifying - beauty (reclaiming once again that real definition of 'awesome', the sublime) that places both the film and the viewer on equal footing of corporal existence by the closing credits." Phil Solomon, avant-garde artist and filmmaker.


“A midnight masterpiece”. Mike Hoolboom, avant-garde artist and filmmaker.



OBSCURITADS arrives for the first time in Toronto with a very special screening of the internationally multi-awarded films. Come join us at PIX FILM, this major hub of the community of experimental and avant-garde filmmakers and artists. The screening will be introduced by artists Madi Piller and Mikel Guillen.


Scott Barley and Mikel Guillen would like to dedicate the screening to Phil Solomon who has been a mentor to us in many and varied ways. Thank you Phil for everything, your guidance, patience and vision.


The avant-garde Collective members: Mikel Guillen, Scott Barley and Sebastian Wiedemann. It was formed 2 years ago and recently launched in July in Paris at La Generale Art Gallery by curator Miquel Escudero Dieguez.



Screening Oberhausen on Tour

Screening Oberhausen on Tour


Two programs of films in one Night

Wed., Feb. 13 - 7-11PM



PIX FILM Gallery


Presented by 

LIFT, PIX FILM, AdHoc Collective and Goethe Institut


Supported by Living Arts



Made In Germany



The Wild

Helena Wittmann, Germany 2013

colour, German with English subs, 12’

you and me

Karsten Krause, Germany 2009

colour, English, 4’

I’m Not the Enemy

Bjørn Melhus, Germany 2011

colour, English, 13’

Sieben Mal am Tag beklagen wir

unser Los und nachts stehen wir

auf, um nicht zu träumen

Seven Times a Day We Complain

About Our Fate and at Night We Get

Up to Avoid Our Dreams

Susann Maria Hempel, Germany 2014

colour, German with English subs, 18’



David Jansen, Germany 2015

b/w, no dialogue, 15’

Das offenbare Geheimnis

An Apparent Secret

Eva Könnemann, Germany 2015

colour, German with English subs, 29’


Running time 92’


This compilation is the first part of

a series with the best German short films from the

past 10 years. The films in the programme take a

fresh look at family and home in Germany. While

Helena Wittmann’s camera slowly surveys living

rooms, her protagonists hardly ever leave their

home. Demons lurk everywhere. This is also the

case with Bjørn Melhus, who cleverly interrogates

the way a society that is waging war treats its

veterans. Susann Maria Hempel on the other hand

recalls with unerring acuity an experience unique to

East Germany after 1989, portrayed as an exploded

doll’s house. The associative animation “Daewit”,

which has already been shown at more than 200

festivals, relates how a boy is forced to grow up

among wolves. And at the end, Eva Könnemann

tries to capture a rural village at the edge of the

Ruhr area on camera, with the lack of production

means leading her to develop an innovative artistic

form and working method.All these works were not

only festival favourites in Oberhausen; they also

won important awards at many other festivals or

received the German Short Film Award in Gold.


German Competition 2018


Beyond Beach

Clara Winter/Miguel Ferráez, Germany 2018

colour, English/Spanish with English subs, 14‘

Die Tage

The Days

Yannick Spiess, Germany 2018

colour, German with English subs, 20‘


Nikita Diakur, Germany 2018

colour, no dialogue, 3‘

Das satanische Dickicht – DREI

The Satanic Thicket – THREE

Willy Hans, Germany 2017

colour and b/w, German with English subs,



Judith Hopf, Germany 2018

colour, no dialogue, 2‘30

Bigger Than Life

Adnan Softić, Germany/Italy/Macedonia

2018, colour, English, 30‘


Running time 91’


This programme with works from the

2018 German Competition centres on civil society,

the globalised middle class and tourism. While

Willy Hans, in calm black-and-white pictures but

with subtle allusions to horror film, recounts how a

small family with educated middle-class principles

gradually falls apart, Yannick Spiess shows us the

everyday routine and dedication to duty of a wealthy

Swiss woman. In between, Nikita Diakur has dolls

dance furiously in the courtyard of a prefab housing

estate. In a free adaptation of Michel Houellebecq,

“Beyond Beach” serenely imagines the lethargy and

indifference of Western hedonists on Latin American

beaches as a colourful daydream. In the work by

Judith Hopf, a slender apartment tower trots out

of the picture whenever things get too boring for

it. And finally, in “Bigger Than Life”, the winner of

the 3sat Promotional Award, music sets the tone

of the film. It provides the playful structure for this

survey of a chauvinist urban project that is intended

to catapult Skopje up among the principal arenas

of European history alongside Rome and Athens.




Artists Talk Bruce Elder

Artists Talk Bruce Elder

Spiritual Machines and the Cinematic Effect

Talk by R. Bruce Elder 

Electricity and Energy Flows:
From Futurism to Radio Art


Film screening curated by Stephen Broomer

Feb 9th, 2019 - 7 PM 
PIX FILM Gallery
Free Event

Film program 16mm 

Jim Davis - Color Dances No 1, 1952, 7 minutes
Jim Davis - Becoming, 1955, 8 minutes
Jim Davis - Energies, 1957, 9 minutes
Jim Davis - Prismatic Variations, 1965, 11 minutes
Jim Davis - Evolution, 1954, 8 minutes
Ian Hugo - Aphrodisiac I, 1971, 6 minutes
Ian Hugo - Aphrodisiac II, 1972, 5 minutes



Since 1975, R. Bruce Elder has been building two formidable bodies of work, as an artist working in the experimental tradition, and as an author of critical texts on art and cinema. His artistic achievements were recognized in 2007 with a Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts, Canada’s most prestigious award in those field, and was elected to the Royal Society of Canada. Jonas Mekas, founder of the New York Filmmakers Co-op and principle visionary of the American avant-garde cinema, has dubbed him “the most important North American avant-garde filmmaker to emerge during the 1980s.” Something similar could be said of Elder’s monumental works of art criticism. His role as an author has in recent years assumed the task of charting the relationship between cinema and art movements through the twentieth century, as we see in his recent book, DADA, Surrealism, and the Cinematic Effect, his previous, Harmony & Dissent: Film and Avant-garde Art Movements in the Early Twentieth Century, and the forthcoming Cubism and Futurism: Spiritual Machines and the Cinematic Effect. In 2009, he received the Robert Motherwell Book Award from the Dedalus Foundation for Harmony + Dissent

Raised in Hamilton and Burlington, Ontario, Elder began his critical and creative work while an undergraduate student in philosophy at McMaster University in the late 1960s. There he learned from the celebrated political philosopher George P. Grant, who introduced Heidegger’s discourse on technology to a generation of Canadian poets and thinkers and whose thoughts on nationhood, love, and technology would inform Elder’s work as an artist and writer.


Screening Abstract Films

Screening Abstract Films


The Best of Punto y Raya Festival 2018

Thursday January 31,2019 at 7-10pm 

PIX FILM Gallery

Free Admission


PIX FILM and LIFT Presents a selection featuring the 18 finalist and awarded films at Punto y Raya (Dot & Line) Festival 2018

Supported by Living Arts

FORMAT: Full HD TRT: 70’
1. The Time Tunnel Remix DIRK KOY
02'35'' · colour · stop·motion · 2015 · Allschwil, Switzerland
2. Discretization STAIN
06'45'' · colour · cgi · 2018 · Moscow, Russia
03'00'' · colour · video-comp. · drawing · 2018 · Deva, Spain
04'30'' · colour · cgi · 2018 · Norway
02'20''· b&w · drawing · 2018 · London, UK
05'07'' · colour · cgi · 2018 · Boston·MA, USA
03'07'' · colour · cgi · 2016 · Odense, Denmark
8. 25/25 AGA JARZĄB · MACIEK BĄCZYK Second Prize | Audience Award (Wroclaw, Poland)
04'20'' · colour · cgi · drawing · 2018 · Wroclaw, Poland
05'20'' · colour · cgi · video-comp. · stop·motion · 2018 · Oslo, Norway
10. Sillon 672 BASTIEN DUPRIEZ
04'35'' · colour · stop·motion · drawing · 2014 · Lille, France
11. The Big Note SHUSAKU KAJI
03'00'' · colour · cgi · video-comp. · cameraless · 2018 · Osaka, Japan
12. Katagami MICHAEL LYONS Honourable Mention
03'15'' · b&w · stop·motion · 2016 · Kioto, Japan
13. Silent Aesthetics / States of Matter PETER TOMASZEWICZ
02'00'' · colour · cgi · video-comp. · 2018 · London, UK
14. Keep that Dream Burning RAINER KOHLBERGER
08'00'' · b&w · cgi · 2017 · Vienna, Austria
15. Arena PÁRAIC MC GLOUGHLIN Third Prize
01'30'' · colour · stop·motion · 2018 · Sligo, Ireland
16. Quantum Fluctuations MARKOS KAY
04'10'' · colour · cgi · 2017 · London, UK
17. Energy off NIKITA LISKOV
02'45'' · b&w · drawing · 2017 · Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
18. Study in Colour and Form I-IV JONATHAN GILLIE First Prize
03'15'' · colour · video-comp. · 2015 · Nottingham, UK

PIX FILM is an independent working studio, micro cinema, event space and gallery. The modular space accommodates diverse needs of individual artists, community arts groups and arts collectives. PIX FILM values digital and film forms of production and exhibition.

The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) is Canada’s foremost artist-run production and education organization dedicated to celebrating excellence in the moving image. LIFT exists to provide support and encouragement for independent filmmakers and artists through affordable access to production, post-production and exhibition equipment; professional and creative development; workshops and courses; commissioning and exhibitions; artist-residencies; and a variety of other services. LIFT is supported by its membership, Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ontario Arts Foundation, the Government of Ontario and the Toronto Arts Council.
Punto y Raya (Dot & Line), dubbed ’the most abstract festival in the world’ by the Japanese press, fosters experimentation
in visual arts through the use of pure Form, Colour, Motion and Sound, avoiding direct representation. This renders it
universal and timeless. Its mission is to recapture the spirit of Cinéma Pure and Absolute Film formulated by the European
avant-garde in the 1920s, consolidating this unique artform laying at the intersection between Fine Arts and Media

Screening Animation

Screening Animation

Women in Latin America Experimental Animation

Thursday, January 17, 2019 7–10 PM

PIX FILM Gallery

Free Admission


This free event presented by Pix Film Productions is curated by Lina X Aguirre and Cecilia Traslaviña. The program features women animators from Latin America exploring multiple techniques like drawing, stop-motion, time-lapse, found footage and paint on glass to produce an exceptional program of experimental animation. Join us!

4 ejercicios de animación para alcauzar la iluminación (2008. 5:48), Lourdes Vilagómez, Mexico.
Una mujer educada (2014. 3:30), Maria Chalela, Colombia-Austria.
Nina (2017. 3:00), Isabel Macias, Argentina.
La madre (2012. 7:50), Ivette Ávila, Cuba.
Cronografias I (2016. 8:30), Tania de León, Mexico.
4:48 (2016. 2:11), Laura Benavides, Colombia.
Vida (2014. 6:53), Jacquie Argo, USA-EL Salvador.
Ojos de linterna (2017. 14:00), Fanny Leiva, Chile.
Pulsiones (2014. 6:05), Yannet Briggiler, Brazil.
Nuestro pais (2017. 6:07), Mayra Florez, Mexico-USA.
Abrigos (2014. 7:00), Graciela Fernández and Paula Llompart, Argentina.
Aimer (2012. 4:07), Nuria Menchaca, Mexico-France.

Co-presented by Pleasure Dome.

Workshop Electronics

Workshop Electronics



Learn what the 01100101s of binary *actually mean*, and how computers use them to store and transmit messages for people!

Sunday,Dec 16th 10:00 - 15:00

PIX FILM Gallery 

1411 Dufferin St. Unit C



A creative tech workshop

In this workshop we'll discover what the 01100101s of binary *actually mean*, and how computers use them to store and transmit messages for people!


We'll decode a famous "binary solo" from a song, edit some code for Arduino (an electronics platform for interactive projects!), print out our own binary messages with thermal receipt printers, and think critically about the social effects of the assumptions built into early computer systems.

If that sounds like a lot, don't worry!


This workshop is geared toward beginners, so you don't need a coding or electronics background to be here :)


register at


Artists Talk and Performance Mattieu Hallé

Artists Talk and Performance Mattieu Hallé


PIX FILM Gallery and LIFT present

Mattieu Hallé - Performance

Friday, December 7, at 8:00pm

PIX FILM Gallery

Free Admission.


MAY THE WAVES RISE FROM ITS FLOOR is an ambitious audio-visual performance created by artist Matthieu Hallé. The performance is the culmination of years spent developing a unique practice of using candlelight as a medium to create spontaneous visual imagery, and marks the conclusion of his time spent as artist in residence at LIFT and PIX FILM in Toronto. Heavily influenced by improvising musicians, Hallé has created his own visual instrument that enables cinema to be a live improvised event.

In collaboration with electronic artist Philip Schleihauf, Hallé has outfitted a 16mm film projector with electronic components that allow for the combination of film and video projection. Hallé has created a new 16mm film using original footage of the Salish Sea, that will be illuminated in performance by candlelight he alters with his with hands, glass, and breath.


The Toronto show will feature improvised musical accompaniment by Eschaton(Connor Bennett - saxophones, guitar, electronics, percussion, and Aaron Hutchinson - percussion, trumpet, electronics)



The Studio Immersion Program

is supported by

The Petman Foundation

Screening Abraham Ravett

Screening Abraham Ravett

Ad Hoc #14

Abraham Ravett in Person with his Films

Tuesday,November 6at 7:00 pm

PIX FILM Gallery 

Free admission. 

For the past forty years, Abraham Ravett has been an independent filmmaker, photographer and educator. He was born in Poland, raised in Israel and the USA. His films have been screened internationally including several one-person shows at New York's Museum of Modern Art. Grants received include a Guggenheim Foundation filmmaking fellowship. A retrospective of his films was shown at the WRO Art Center, Wroclaw, Poland in 2009 and in 2014, at the Festival Film Dokumenter Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Abraham teaches filmmaking and photography at Hampshire College, Amherst, MA. USA.

The March,
1999, 25 min, sound, 16mm transferred to digital 
To date, I've made six films which reflect on how the Holocaust affected my parents, our evolving relationship, and my own psychological and emotional response to their experiences. "The March" continues this cinematic exploration by detailing one woman's recollections of that experience. It also serves as a meditation on time elapsed and the fragility of personal memory.

Utilizing a series of recorded film interviews conducted with my mother over thirteen year period (1984-1997), I ask the following question each time: "Mom, what do you remember about the March?" The complexity of her responses, the visible emotional toll experienced with each reply, and the ensuing portrait of her aging process, form the core of this twenty five minute, 16mm film.

1995, 33 min, sound, 16mm transferred to digital 
Inspired by Yanagita Kunio's early 20th century book, "The Legends of Tono", Horse/Kappa/House records the surrounding landscape in a number of small villages throughout Iwante Prefecture, Japan in order to create a cinematic space which echoes by implication and association, the external and unseen world in the environment. The film embodies the idea so eloquently stated by noted historian, Mr. Umehara Takeshi, that "all living things—animals and plants, as well as mountains, rivers, and other natural phenomena have spirits and that these spirits are constantly moving back and forth between Heaven and this world, forming the basis of the Japanese ethos."

2007, 7 min, silent, 16mm transferred to digital 
Tziporah is the Hebrew word for bird. This is another cinematic response to grief and loss.

Notes for a Polish Jew 
2012, 8min. silent, 16mm transferred to digital 

If his father had lived beyond the age of seventy-four, the following may have been the cinematic response to the city where in 1942, he last saw his family. Filmed on double 8 mm film in the mid-1980's, Lodz, Poland. Constructed in 2012, Florence, Massachusetts.

Ad Hoc is a screening collective with no fixed address. This is a mobile screening series, which aims to rethink what an experience of cinema can be, including the spaces in which it can be exhibited. We seek to reposition historical landmarks and buried treasures within the on-going tradition of experimental and other non-commercial modes of filmmaking, drawing on work from Toronto, throughout Canada, and internationally. Within these parameters, we aspire to diversity in programming, as well as to multimedia and interdisciplinary screening events that bring together varied communities.

Ad Hoc = Stephen Broomer, Katia Houde, Daniel McIntyre, Cameron Moneo, Madi Piller, Claudia Sicondolfo, Jim Shedden, Tess Takahashi.

International Home Movie Day

International Home Movie Day

International Home Movie Day

Saturday, October 20

at PIX FILM Gallery 

1411 Dufferin Street Unit C


Bring your 8mm, Super8mm, 16mm Home movie

Filmmakers Andrew Lennox and Madi Piller will be volunteering for inspection and screening of films 


Celebrate International Home Movie Day 

4-6pm inspection films 

6-8pm Screening






In person


His films and  Carte Blanche from L'abominable,

artist-run Laboratory near Paris.

Program of 16/35mm films


Thursday,October 18

at CineCycle

129 Spadina, Toronto


Admission: Pay what you can



2007 / 16mm / coul / sonore / 10' /



2012 / 16mm / couleur / sonore / 7'00 /

de Nicolas REY


2010 / 16mm / couleur / muet / 10' 20 /

de David DUDOUIT


2015 / 35mm / couleur / sonore / 11' 30 /

de Emmanuel LEFRANT


2015 / 16mm / n&b / sonore / 7' 00 /

de Guillaume MAZLOUM


2000-2001 / 16mm / n&b / sonore / 12' 00 /

de Stefano CANAPA


2016 / 35mm / n&b / sonore / 11' 15 /

de Stefano CANAPA & Elisa RIBES


2017 / 35mm / n&b / sonore / 2' 40 /

de Stefano CANAPA


2018 / 35mm / n&b / sonore / 11' 40 /

de Stefano CANAPA


Co-presented by 



Supported by 

Living Arts


Screening David Morris

Screening David Morris

Ad Hoc #12: Davis Morris in person with his films


Thursday, September 20

@ PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C



David Morris is a Professor of Philosophy at Concordia University in Montreal. In the 1980s while living and studying in Toronto, Morris began making super 8 (and one 35mm) films. Morris recently resumed his filmmaking in Montreal, using the still camera function of the iPhone. Comparing the Toronto and Montreal films, Morris, a Merleau-Ponty scholar, realized that what they have in common is that they overlap my philosophical focus on place, time, movement, life, perception, and how things come to be meaningful.

Morris’s films are composed and edited in camera, and shot (with few exceptions) frame by single frame (‘pixilated’). The Super 8 films are shown in original at approximately 12 frames per second. Inspirations are various. Marie Menken’s A Glimpse of the Garden was what really got this going. But there’s also Brakhage, Snow, Sonbert, Mekas, Frampton, and more. 

(Shekhina) series: Projection (Super 8, silent;, about 4 min, 1990).

(Ruakh) suite (Super 8 and 35mm): 8 selections, totalling approximately 38 minutes.

MPQ suite (digital): 2 selections totally 8 minutes. 
These are pocket films, made by taking thousands of photos in order on an iPhone, which are then rendered as movies—a digital analogue of shooting frame by frame on Super 8. A work in progress, they centre on Montréal, Province of Québec, and figure around questions springing from Merleau-Ponty, modus ponens, and other meaning potentials.

Free admission.


Presented by AdHoc Collective


Performance  Noid & Klaus Philips

Performance Noid & Klaus Philips


By NOID and Klaus Filip from Vienna


PIX FILM Gallery
Light + Synthesisers + Electronics

August 8 - 8:30pm

Optosonic Workshop  

August 9 from 6-10pm

Register at

Co-presented with LIFT & InterAccess

Supported by Austrian Embassy and The Federal Chancellery of Austria 

Repair day

Repair day

Sunday, July 29
@ Pix Film Gallery
1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C
12pm — 4pm 

Do you have an 8mm, super 8 or 16mm film projector sitting at home that you would love to use, but doesn’t work? Is it in need of a replacement bulb or belt? Is it operational, but covered in dust and you’re nervous to run film through it? Do you want to learn some basic maintenance tips for your projector so that you can get more use out of it in the future?

Pleasure Dome wants to give you the opportunity to fall back in love with film projections! On July 29th from 12pm to 4pm, bring film projectors in need of some TLC to Pix Film Gallery for a FREE projector assessment and restoration services! 

Film specialists Christine Lucy Latimer and Karl Reinsalu will evaluate your machine, make sure it’s in working order, give it a thorough cleaning, and show you how to best keep it maintained. Projectors needing only small, basic repairs will be fixed while you wait. For repairs that require a little something more (such as a particular esoteric replacement bulb), your joyful film stewards will provide you with as much information as they can for obtaining that special missing piece. 

Don’t miss this unique, fun and free community event!

Thank you to our sponsors! Pleasure Dome is generously supported by the Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Canada Arts Council.

Screening AGX

Screening AGX


To transfer or shift, to change the usual, normal relative order or position...

A program of selected films from the American AgX Collective on the theme of transposing, shifting and dispersing as in a memory or recollected experience.


AgX Screening Program

Curated by Anto Astudillo, Susan DeLeo and Ernesto Livon-Grosman


Saturday, July 14 2018 at 8:30pm 

Pix Film Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street Unit C 




Co-Presented with

LIFT - PIX FILM - AdHOC Collective 


Supported by 




What is AgX?


In partnership with Balagan and Handcranked Film, AgX is a newly established film collective. AgX joins a growing movement of artist-run film collectives and laboratories around the world who are uniting to share resources, equipment, camaraderie and knowledge in order to build a vibrant space that focuses on the creation and appreciation of photochemical filmmaking.

As the materials and processes of filmmaking rise in cost and well-crafted equipment is disposed of by institutions, filmmaking tools are rapidly falling into the hands of artists who are now encouraged to explore and reimagine the roles of chemist, colorist, technician, machinist… AgX members harness all of their individual skills to realize otherwise complicated or expensive undertakings, such as screenings, performances, classes, workshops, bulk ordering photochemistry and film, rescuing and repairing equipment.

Open to collaborating with a broad array of artists, students and organizations, AgX supports a unique, diverse community of filmmakers, photographers and interdisciplinary artists — both novice and experienced — who convene, create, teach, inspire and learn from one another. Our physical space provides a comfortable communal area where members engage in shooting film, processing, contact printing, optical printing, animation, editing, screenings and dialogue, as well as and endless variety of events and experiments.

Screening EXperimental animation

Screening EXperimental animation



a program from ARS ELECTRONICA BEST of 2017 Festival 


Thursday June 28, 08:30PM - FREE EVENT


PIX FILM Gallery 

1411 Dufferin Street Unit C


Expanded & Experimental

Is a showcase of the new turf increasingly being occupied by digital filmmakers, The program includes computer games, installations, interactive/reactive dance performance, new forms of mapping and audiovisual laser installations and impressively demonstrates new and innovative approaches in current digital filmmaking at the interface of art and science – e.g. nature and bio-tech studies, morphogenesis, experiments with architecture, fashion and perception.


David O’Reilly (UK)

Everything -10:41

Prix Ars Electronica / Golden Nica


Andy Lomas (UK)

Hybrid Forms: new Growth – 04:41


Hugo Arcier (France)

Ghost City – 01:32 (trailer)

Music by Bernard Szajner


Boris Labbé (FR)

Orogenesis - 07:35


Casey Reas/ Philip Rugo (US)

KTTV – 05:00 (excerpt)


Maxime Causeret (FR)

Order From Chaos – 04:18

Music by Max Cooper

Prix Ars Electronica / Honorary Mention


Tobias Gremmler (DE)

Fashion Visuals – 05:30


Nick Verstand (NL)

Anima – 01:54 (onformative)


Semiconductor (UK)

Earthworks – 10:21 making of doc

Commissioned by SonarPLANTA

Produced by Advanced Music


Part 1: 51:32


This program spotlights the trend towards the unconventional use of technologies in animation filmmaking. Drones, robots, 3D Printers, game engines, laser technologies, offer new ways to depict images and motion.


Nobuchimi Asai (JP)

Real-Time Face Generator – 03:52


Mimi Son (KR), Elliot Woods (UK)

(Kimchi and Chips)

Light Barrier 3rd Edition – 06:22


Simon F.A. Russell (UK)

Audio Geometry Exploration – 5:00


Georgios Cherouvim (GR)

Geophone – 05:34


Nobumichi Asai (JP)

Light of Birth – 02:57 (3D Laser Mist Hologram)


Nikita Diakur (RU/DE)

UGLY – 11:54

Prix Ars Electronica / Honorary Mention


Daniel Riley

Winter Wonderland – 02:10


Tarek Mawad, Friedrich van Schoor (DE)

LUCID -  06:10

Music by Achim Treu a.k.a. ufohawai


Universal Everything (UK)

Screens of the Future – 04:20


Skullmapping (BE)

Gallery Invasion – 02:38


Part 2: 50:57



Co-presented with



Suported By 


Austrian Embassy Ottawa


Living Arts 



Laser Light: The Films of Sabine Gruffat


Wednesday June 13, 08:30PM  - FREE EVENT

PIX FILM Gallery

Co-Presented with





Black Oval White


RT: 3 minutes 


A video recording of a computer-generated abstract animation that is keyed, wiped and matted by electronic oscillators. The sound of the electronic oscillators is delayed and pitched to produce modulations.


A Return to The Return to Reason


RT: 3 minutes 

Laser etched BW 35mm film leader transferred to Digital file.

A scratch film for the 21st Century where 35mm black leader is meticulously etched frame by frame using a digital laser cutter (a machine designed for precision carpentry). A Return to The Return to Reason is a conceptual and materialist tribute to Man Ray's 1923 film Le Retour à La Raison (A Return to Reason), the first film to use the 'Rayograph' technique in which Man Ray exposed found objects onto film negative. 


Brave New World 


RT: 7 minutes 

35mm Film transferred to HD

In this video, 35mm archival silent documentary film footage shot by Henry Ford’s own filmmakers is reworked and given a soundtrack revealing the colonial lens through which the filmmakers apprehended unfamiliar nature. Through editing and processing the film confronts the violent history of Fordism while questioning the limits of mediated vision.




RT: 9 minutes

Hand-processed 16mm Tri-X reversal transferred to Digital file.

These three films were made from The New York Times newspaper articles. The semi - automated animation process resulted in sentence recombinations that sometimes made sense while randomly emphasizing certain words and images. 




RT: 11 minutes

35mm film

An abstract scratch film made by laser etching abstract patterns on the film emulsion of negative and positive 35mm film. The strips of film were then re-photographed on top of each other as photograms then contact printed. The soundtrack filters and layers the noise made by the laser etched optical track.


Amarillo Ramp*

*co-directed with Bill Brown


RT: 24 minutes

16mm film transferred to Digital file.


Perhaps best known for his Spiral Jetty, sculptor Robert Smithson's interest in landscape and land use was prophetic. In 1973, Texas oil millionaire Stanley Marsh 3 commissioned Smithson to create an earthwork on Marsh's cattle ranch north of Amarillo. Called 'Amarillo Ramp,' it was to be Smithson's final art project: he was killed in a plane crash while flying over the site on an aerial survey. Responding to Smithson's sculptural practice, as well as his interest in science fiction, this experimental film is a document, a memorial, and a meditation on Amarillo Ramp as an observatory of time and space.


TRT: 57 minutes


Sabine Gruffat is a French-American artist who works with experimental video and animation, media-

enhanced performance, participatory public art, and immersive installation. In this work, machines,

interfaces, and systems constitute the language by which she codes the world. The creation of new ideas means inventing new tools, crossing analog and digital signals, or repurposing old machines to patch into new ones. By actively disrupting both current and outmoded technology, Gruffat questions standardized ways of understanding the world around us. More detailed information at






Coming NEXT at PIX FILM Gallery






JUNE, 2018 TDA

Supported by

Ars Electronica

Europe Integration Foreign Affairs




Open Studio

Open Studio

Explore Toronto’s Buildings May 26 – 27, 2018 


Productions - Studio - Gallery

Explore the space and film animation equipment OXBERRY 16/35mm

Participate in a Super8mm animated portrait

 The 19th annual Doors Open Toronto presented by Great Gulf provides an opportunity to see inside more than 130 of the most architecturally, historically, culturally and socially significant buildings across the city.

This year’s theme, “Film: The Great Romance” explores the city’s film and television industry. With more than 1,400 on-location film, television and digital media productions taking place in the city each year, Toronto is North America’s third largest screen-based production centre and the heart of Canada’s film and television sector.

The Doors Open Toronto program features historic cinemas, film and television studios, post-production houses, digital media studios, artist-run centres and film training schools. The program also highlights buildings that have been featured in film and television, many of which are often not open to the public.

Gallery Exhibit Off-Site

Gallery Exhibit Off-Site

Film screening and Exhibition in Vienna


April 20 Screening at Blickle Kino at Belvedere21

7PM - 9PM
Arsenalstraße 1, 1030 Wien


April 21 Exhibit at Setzkasten and Zwischendecke 7PM
Hernalser Hauptstraße 29/4 and 31, 1170 Vienna


Curator Madi Piller in collaboration with Clint Enns, acting members of the PIX FILM Collective in Toronto, will present a group of a generation of experimental filmmakers from Ontario whose practices extend beyond the cinema.  All of these artists remain committed to traditional filmmaking practices on their own terms and make their work in a province with its own rich history of experimental film production. In this regard, the artists’ multidisciplinary practices reflect the multiplicity of cinematic and artistic experimentations characteristic of the medium bending work of seminal Canadian avant-garde artist Michael Snow.


The showcase and exhibition includes work by Marcos Arriaga, Stephen Broomer, Dan Browne, Kelly Egan, Winston Hacking, Christine Lucy Latimer, Lisa Myers, John Porter, Blaine Speigel, Leslie Supnet and Michael Snow.

With 8 Artists and Curators in Attendance !


LIFT, PIX FILM, Filmkoop Wien, Setzkasten, Zwischendecke, and Blickle Kino at Belvedere 21.

Funding supports from: The Canada Council for the Arts, Living Arts,  Kultur Wien, Kulturnetz Hernals, Basis Kultur Wien.






Program presented by ERIN ESPELIE in person


Presented by

ADHOC Collective


Wednesday March 14 at 7:00pm

PIX FILM Gallery - 1411 Dufferin Street - Unit C





Skilled Insect Artisans

Percy Smith

1922, 9 minutes, B&W, sound, film to video



Ramey Newell

2017, 5 min, color, sound, HD video


True-Life Adventures 

Erin Espelie

2014, 16 minutes, color, sound, HD video


视网膜 (A Net to Catch the Light)
Erin Espelie
2016, 9 minutes, color and B&W, sound, HD video & hand-processed 16mm 

内共生 (Inside the Shared Life) 
Erin Espelie

2017, 9 minutes, color and B&W, sound, HD digital video & 16mm 


He Begins, She Returns 

Anna Kipervaser

2015, 2 minutes, color, sound, HD video


Beyond Expression Bright

Erin Espelie

2012, 9 minutes, color, sound, HD digital video and Super8 film


Musical Insects

Deborah Stratman

2013, 6minutes 30sec, Sound, HD video


Kalpana Subramanian

2018, 5 minutes, color, sound, HD video


The Sea Seeks Its Own Level 
Erin Espelie

2014, 6 minutes, color, sound, Super 8 to video

Screening Off-Site

Screening Off-Site


The 8 Fest 

Sunday January 28, 9:00pm

Beverley Halls SPK 206 Beverley St. Toronto, ON.


Presented by PIX FILM


With so much amazing work this year, the programming committee is thrilled to share three wonderful volumes of this year’s Bageroo programme! Selected from our open call for submissions, these featured films explore how artists explore different concepts, realities, and ways of interacting with the world around them. This volume is augmented by a commissioned film by Ajla Odobašić.

Jodie Mack & Lisa Marr
50 Flowers
2017 / super 8 double projection / silent / 3.5

Stephan Grosse-Grollmann
2016 / super 8 / sound / 4.5

Shenaz Baksh
2017 / super 8 / sound / 2

Tess Elliot
77 Genesee
2017 / super 8 / silent / 10 

Sandy McLennan
Line in the Sand
2017 / double 8 on 16mm / sound / 4.8

Mike Rollo
Wake Up! Sleeper
2017 / super 8 / silent / 3.33

Manuel Goetz
Sado Maso
2014 / super 8 / silent / 7

Jorge Lozano 
My Book of Super 8
2018 / super 8 / sound / 9:30

Johannes Gerhart
Stranger Than Italy
1999 / super 8 / sound / 11.5

Dagie Brundert
Katzenlotto / Cat Lotto
2017 / super 8 / sound / 3

Gerald Saul
Canister Versus The Red Death
2017 / super 8 / sound / 3.5

Ajla Odobašić
Eros, Arrows
2018 / super 8 / 4

Adam Cohoon 
Welcome to Ataratiri (Reel 3) 
2016 / super 8 / silent / 3.5

Screning / Gallery Exhibit

Screning / Gallery Exhibit

Ad Hoc #7: John Straiton: Innovation and Animation


Presented by

Ad Hoc Collective

Thursday January 18 at 7:00pm

PIX FILM Gallery - 1411 Dufferin Street - Unit C, Toronto




John Straiton, original and innovative Canadian animator in the 1960’s. As he continually explored the themes of myth-making and sexuality, Straiton applied his filmmaking practice in a variety of animation techniques: stop motion, rotoscope, pixilation, pastel drawings, ink, paintings and sculptures. Straiton was also responsible for initiating the International Film Festival Circuit for Amateur Filmmakers. 

The program will include a documentary by Madi Piller made in 2010, a journey into John Straiton's animated life and an attempt to preserve the spirit of a man who blazed a path with passion for the independent art of animation. Vintage advertising work, a mix of unreleased 8mm and a selection of his films on 16mm will also be shown. Select artwork by Straiton will be also on display.


Program: Running Time aprox 90' with intermission

Artist Talk

Artist Talk

Winter 2018 Studio Immersion Program

Presentation with Sally Walker-Hudecki


Presented by LIFT and PIX FILM

Thursday, January 11, 2018 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm


Join us for a free public presentation with artist Sally Walker-Hudecki, related to her residency for the LIFT and PIX FILM Winter 2018 Studio Immersion program. Sally will demonstrate her CineVinyl Record-Jector (her protoype record player / Super 8mm film projector), describing its current capabilities and showing films that illustrate her vision of the machine's potential. 
Sally Walker-Hudecki (a.k.a. Sally Cinnamon) independently creates Super 8mm films and music videos. She began in 2010 at the Hart House Film Board, and continued learning techniques from Pablo Marín and Steve Cossman at LIFT. With equipment purchased from the closure of the Black and White Film Factory (Dragan Stojanovic) she transfers her own footage from film to digital on telecine, as well as from digital to film on kinescope for projection. Her short films and music videos have been exhibited at festivals in Toronto and across the United States. Since 2013, she has collaborated with Charles Bagnall, Jake Edding, and Alan Majer on a new film projector invention. Between 2011 and 2015, she completed more than 20 live music videos for artists such as the Kills, Hunx, Black Lips, JEFF the Brotherhood and more. Her official music video for the Julie Ruin’s “Goodnight Goodbye” premiered on Pitchfork in 2014. Since 2015, she has been instrumental in the rebirth of Yowza Animation, and runs private parties and events at GARAGENOIR Inc. with Luke James. She plays drums in the Cool Hands.

The LIFT and PIX FILM Studio Immersion Program is generously supported by the Petman Foundation.



German Competition/Deutscher Wettbewerb

from The International Short Film Festival Oberhausen


Presented by 

PIX FILM Gallery and LIFT

Dec Friday 15 at 7:00pm 

PIX FILM Gallery - 1411 Dufferin Street - Unit C, Toronto




History, migration, architecture, the

National Socialist Underground: the works from the

2017 German Competition presented here engage

with the current socio-political discourse in their

country with unusual forms, performative elements

and a very precise view of how things are. First up,

Maximilian Villwock shows us, detached from any

form of categorisation, how love becomes a power

struggle when ego takes the upper hand. “El Manguito”

uses drawings, photographs and quiet film

images to come closer to the inhabitants of a remote

Cuban mountain village, in the process unfolding the

history of an entire country. “Fishing Is Not Done on

Tuesdays” is a collage made up of archive material

and self-produced images and sounds, with a house

as protagonist. Kerstin Honeit, in contrast, invites

workers to a coffee party against the backdrop of

reconstruction work on the Berlin Palace for a grotesque

performance of the demolition and reconstruction

of nation-state myths. Finally, “Depth of

Field” examines traces in the locations in Nuremberg

where the so-called National Socialist Underground

committed three murders. Here, the pen becomes a

camera and the camera becomes an actor while the

film traces the unsettling impact of these attacks

on society.


Program: Running Time 81'




Presented by PIX FILM

Monday November 27, 7:30PM -8:30PM
Pix Film Gallery 1411 Dufferin Street – Unit C


A program of ARS ELECTRONICA ANIMATION FESTIVAL displaying real and virtual dance performance is seamlessly combined with quadcopter-mounted cameras that expand the space; macro shots shift the point of view of inwards; light painting is technologically expanded, fluid bodies are animated via motion capture; and hybrids of game and reality trigger and impressive shift of perspective




Is about art, technology, society. Since 1979, Ars Electronica in LINZ, Austria has sought out interlinkages and conguities, causes and effects. The ideas presented are innovative, radical eccentric. They influence our everyday life-our life style, our way of life, every single day.

The Festival as proving ground, the Prix as competition honoring excellence, the Center as a year round setting for presentation and interaction, and the Futurelab as in-house Residence facility extend their feelers throughout the realms of science and research, art and technology. Ars Electronica four divisions inspire one another and put futuristic visions to the test in a unique creative feedback loop. It’s an integrated organism continuously reinventing itself.


With the support of :




Gallery Exhibit

Gallery Exhibit

Exhibition - 80 seconds in Toronto

Part of the Fall 2017 Studio Immersion Program


Opening reception: Wednesday, November 29, 6-9pm

Open daily: December 30-December 5, noon to 7pm


80 seconds in Toronto is a studio exhibition by Andreas Wutz, which includes a mixed media installation of 16 mm film, 35 mm slides, text footage, hand made optical sound and sound drawings transferred on photographic paper.


“Based on field researches and researches in a local library during my residency at LIFT and PIX FILM, I filmed specific places in the local environment of Wallace Emerson, Pelham Park, Carleton Village, Regal Heights, Wychwood, Davenport and Dovercourt Park. My focus was not so much on the social or the economic aspect of those areas and its urban landscape, but the geological aspect of it. The question was: If the glaciers of Ontario’s geological past have disappeared are there still visible or invisible traces of them? Do we register the geological history of our immediate surroundings? And, do we look at them differently if we know about it?”—Andreas Wutz

Exhibition - 80 seconds in Toronto

Part of the Fall 2017 Studio Immersion Program


Opening reception: Wednesday, November 29, 6-9pm

Open daily: December 30-December 5, noon to 7pm


80 seconds in Toronto is a studio exhibition by Andreas Wutz, which includes a mixed media installation of 16 mm film, 35 mm slides, text footage, hand made optical sound and sound drawings transferred on photographic paper.


“Based on field researches and researches in a local library during my residency at LIFT and PIX FILM, I filmed specific places in the local environment of Wallace Emerson, Pelham Park, Carleton Village, Regal Heights, Wychwood, Davenport and Dovercourt Park. My focus was not so much on the social or the economic aspect of those areas and its urban landscape, but the geological aspect of it. The question was: If the glaciers of Ontario’s geological past have disappeared are there still visible or invisible traces of them? Do we register the geological history of our immediate surroundings? And, do we look at them differently if we know about it?” — Andreas Wutz


The studio exhibtion at the PIX FILM Gallery will present an extract of that filmic project on the geological past of an urban landscape. Additionally, the show will include a digital slide projection about a Zimbabwean painter, which was realised during Wutz’s residency at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo.




Andreas Wutz is a conceptual media artist living in Munich and Bilbao. Specializing in 16mm film, his recent works included a photo project in Albacete, Spain, and a long-term research in Zimbabwe resulting in a solo exhibition at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. His short films, cinepoems which use experimental and documentary strategies, are equally interested in the visual world as in the invisual and the world of sound, and are driven by a deep interest in social-political themes as well as in historical references. He has made films in Spain, the Czech Republic, Zimbabwe and of the Le Mans speedway. More detailed information at




The LIFT and PIX FILM Studio Immersion Program is generously supported by the Petman Foundation.


Andreas Wutz's visit is also made possible in part through the support of the Goethe-Institut Toronto.


PIX FILM is an independent working studio, micro cinema, event space and gallery. The modular space accommodates diverse needs of individual artists, community arts groups and arts collectives. PIX FILM values digital and film forms of production and exhibition.



The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) is Canada’s foremost artist-run production and education organization dedicated to celebrating excellence in the moving image. LIFT exists to provide support and encouragement for independent filmmakers and artists through affordable access to production, post-production and exhibition equipment; professional and creative development; workshops and courses; commissioning and exhibitions; artist-residencies; and a variety of other services. LIFT is supported by its membership, Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ontario Arts Foundation, the Government of Ontario and the Toronto Arts Council.


Artists Talk/ Screening

Artists Talk/ Screening

Fall 2017 Studio Immersion Program

Namuhla yisikhathi esadlulayo /Today is a long time ago

A talk by Andreas Wutz




Wednesday, November 22,2017 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Pix Film Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C

Toronto, ON


Join us as Andreas Wutz talks about his recent solo exhibition at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. The project is based on a long-term research in national and private archives in Zimbabwe, field researches on original locations, and involving both professionals and private persons. Interrelating chiefly history with histories of secondary order such as natural history and the history of private of objects. The project comprises several media and disciplines, and focuses on the topics natural landscape, private objects and identity/belonging in the current and historic context of Zimbabwe. The artist’s methodology and documentary approach resembles those of archaeology and uses film, photography and sound recording additionally to drawing as instruments of research and presentation media. The title wants to express what binds the contemporary irreversibly to the past and our present feelings, dreams and thoughts to our memories.


More detailed information at

Info on the exhibition is at:



The LIFT and PIX FILM Studio Immersion Program is generously supported by the Petman Foundation.

Andreas Wutz’s visit is also made possible in part through the support of the Goethe Institut Toronto


PIX FILM is an independent working studio, micro cinema, event space and gallery. The modular space accommodates diverse needs of individual artists, community arts groups and arts collectives. PIX FILM values digital and film forms of production and exhibition.


The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) is Canada’s foremost artist-run production and education organization dedicated to celebrating excellence in the moving image. LIFT exists to provide support and encouragement for independent filmmakers and artists through affordable access to production, post-production and exhibition equipment; professional and creative development; workshops and courses; commissioning and exhibitions; artist-residencies; and a variety of other services. LIFT is supported by its membership, Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ontario Arts Foundation, the Government of Ontario and the Toronto Arts Council.




Artists Talk/Screening

Artists Talk/Screening



Presented by PIX FILM and The Liaison Of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto(LIFT)

Andreas Wutz in attendance


Wednesday, November 8, 2017 7:00pm - 9:00pm

PIX FILM Gallery 1411 Dufferin Street - Unit C




Join us for a free screening with filmmaker in the Studio Immersion Program artist Andreas Wutz.


Andreas Wutz is a conceptual media artist living in Munich and Bilbao. His short films are cinepoems which use experimental and documentary strategies, are equally interested in the visual world as in the invisual and the world of sound, and are driven by a deep interest in social-political themes as well as in historical references. The films in this program consider historical trauma, migration, psychogeography and a sonic portrait of the 24-hour car race in Le Mans. More detailed information at


Program supported by The PETMAN FOUNDATION

Andreas Wutz's visit is also made possible in part through the support of the Goethe-Institut Toronto





Kairos Dirt & the Errant Vacuum: a film by Madsen Minax


Pleasure Dome is proud to present:

Kairos Dirt & the Errant Vacuum: a film by Madsen Minax

Madsen Minax in attendance!


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

7:30 Doors, Screening 8:00pm$8/$5 members + students @PIX FILM Gallery, 1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C


'Kairos Dirt' follows the strange happenings of two middle school lunch ladies, an androgynous student, a lesbian hospice provider, a grieving ministry worker, a mystical mortician, and an astrologer/life coach/phone sex operator. Through a series of collective dreams a transworldly being invades the characters' dream spaces, revealing an alternate realm of wanton, subconscious desires. Amid the post-industrial decay of the American south, interconnected relationships unfold in unusual and fantastical landscapes as television monitors, radio frequencies, orifices and dreams all become portals to access this mysterious carnal dimension.


Madsen Minax makes film, video and sound projects inspired by the collective socio-politics and the individual bio-politics of belonging, and considers where fantasy, desire and embodiment interfere. Madsen's participation in LGBT, sex workers' and BDSM communities inform his projects immensely. Works have shown at Anthology Film Archives (NYC), Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), REDCAT (LA), the British Film Institute (London), the European Media Art Festival, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Yale University's Green Gallery, and numerous film and video festivals around the world. Madsen received an MFA from Northwestern University, a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and has attended residencies at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture (2014), The Core Program (2012-2014), Bemis Center for Contemporary Art (2015), and the Berlinale DOC Station (2016). He is currently an Edes Foundation Fellow and a Queer Arts Mentorship fellow.

Screening Off-Site

Screening Off-Site



Curated by Madi Piller and Leslie Supnet 

Co-presented by PIX FILM and LIFT


A program of nationally sourced animated experimental work will be presented on 35mm, 16mm and digital formats. Artists selected for the screening include: Don Best, Louise Bourque, Kelly Egan, Alan Pakarnyk, Heidi Phillips,Judith Poirier, Jim Pomeroy, Rhayne Vermette, Greg Boa, Patrick Jenkins.


Thursday, October 12, 2017

8:00 PM


CineCycle 129 Spadina, Toronto


PWYC, Suggested $5 



Les Obscurités Anonymes: works by Mikel Guillen


Video work selection by Mikel Guillen, Toronto Based artist and Filmmaker.

Presented by PIX FILM 


Friday, October 6, 2017


PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street - Unit C 




Mikel Guillen work has two channels, one that is fully aware on its intention to create, idea driven and another one that is unknown. The variety of subjects, technologies, old and new are part of the equation . Subjects are mystery, anonymity, restraining, spirituality, mysteries, metaphysics, sadness, melancholia, displacement, identity. The visual work represents a major part of the installation, indirect and direct sound plus obscure vs light spaces play a secondary but equally essential part of the sensorial and space experience within the curatorial map.

At the same time, there are no equations. I truly believe that sadness, hope, love walk hand by hand and our connection is through love and compassion in combination in a symphonic concerto through the black and white scale. All Formats, ratios, 2D testing for Museum and gallery staging, soundscapes are created inside and outside of the frame as part of the curatorial vision and intention of the installation stage. Mikel's work has screened mainly in Galleries and Festivals in Europe and Latinoamerica.




A Film by Rodrigo Otero Heraud


A portrait of the Andes and the spiritual aspects of its peoples.


Presented by PIX FILM and LIFT


Thursday, September 21,2017


PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street - Unit C




Rodrigo Otero Heraud has followed the way of an author in filmmaking. His work is based on what he considers transcendental matters, such as the ancient knowledge of traditional peoples and different approaches to spirituality and consciousness. To him filmmaking is about generating spiritual nourishment, therefore they are at the same time creative works and a form of service. His filmmaking is intimate, sensitive and with a cinematographic language of his own. He directs, shoots and edits, in order to print a personal seal in his works.



YEAR: 2016

RUNNING TIME: 1Hour 27min







Artist Talk/ Screening

Artist Talk/ Screening

A Conduit to Ideas and Dreams

Films and Videos by Benjamin Wigley


Presented by The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto and PIX FILM Gallery 


Monday, August 21,2017


PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin - Unit C 




Benjamin Wigley will present a screening of a selection of his films. Visiting from Nottingham, UK, Benjamin is in town doing an extensive project in LIFT’s darkroom and using our Digital-to-Film Output Suite. Wigley’s screening will feature examples from his films (including his exploration of hand-cranked 16mm) and an excerpt from his recent feature film, Paa Joe and the Lion, a documentary about a fantasy coffin artisan based in Ghana.


“I am an artist and filmmaker whose work explores the journeys we make in life. My projects are often realised in the space between art and documentary. I am currently interested in how we talk about our lives through the metaphors of the natural world, and in the connections we make between memory and place. I am developing work that allows the viewer to get a sense of both a physical and an experiential journey; interacting, immersing and participating. I am also interested in how many different ways, or forms, a person can experience an idea or a story: using performance, documentary & experimental film, sculpture, photography (prints and books), exhibition spaces, digital immersive experiences, through artist walks and interpretation, that all work together to build an augmented viewer experience.” – Benjamin Wigley.


His residency is supported by the Arts Council England and the British Council. His screening at PIX Film Gallery is generously supported by the LivingArts Kitchen.





Artists Talk/ Screening

Artists Talk/ Screening

The Order of Revelation: Films by Anna Kipervaser


Presented by The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto and PIX FILM Gallery

Monday, July 31, 2017
PIX Film Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street - Unit C



Anna Kipervaser is a Ukrainian-born multimedia artist. Her work spans multiple disciplines including experimental and documentary moving image works in both 16mm film and HD video. Anna is also painter, printmaker, curator of exhibitions and programmer of screenings showcasing the works of contemporary international artists. Her moving image work has screened at Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, Anthology Film Archives, Crossroads Film Festival at the San Francisco Cinematheque, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival, Athens International Film and Video Festival, Indie Grits Film Festival, River's Edge International Film Festival, Montreal Underground Film Festival, Haverhill Experimental Film Festival, Spectacle Theatre, Muestra Internacional Documental de Bogota.


Her Screening at PIX FILM Gallery is generously Supported by the LivingArts Kitchen.





Presented by The Liaison Of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto and PIX FILM Gallery



Tuesday, July 25,2017

7:00- 9:00 pm

PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street - Unit C




What Comes Between (5:38, 2009) 
In Reflection (3:38, 2007) 
Memory (3:57, 2002) 
Imprint (5:30, 2007) 
Presque Vu (4:13, 2013) 
Before (3:35, 2016) 
The Space Shuttle Challenger (9:32, 2017)


All films shown digitally


“My work as an experimental filmmaker is heavily influenced by a process-based methodology of 'finding a film'—or, essentially, that the film that I need to make at any given moment will reveal itself to me through the process... In particular, my starting point tends to be found footage. In this process, reflecting on the source of the found footage and the context in which it was captured is an increasing preoccupation for me. When I discovered the history and context of now iconic footage of the failed coup in Chile in June 1973—which resulted in the camera man being killed in the process of shooting the footage—this story became part of The Space Shuttle Challenger (a film that originally started as a work about Omar Khadr and hockey). This found footage was an important element of an earlier film I had made, What Comes Between, and I felt the need to give space to the newly discovered story behind the footage. This experience has caused me to reflect increasingly more and more on the anonymity of the person behind the camera when I am working in found footage forms.”

—Cecilia Araneda


Her screening at PIX Film Gallery is generously supported by the LivingArts Kitchen.



Screening off-site

Screening off-site

A Gathering of Crystals

by R. Bruce Elder and Ajla Odobašić

Presented by Regional Support Network + Loop Collective + Pix Film


Introduction by Ajla Odobašić
Friday, July 21, 2017
Screening outdoors @ sunset
Preceded by a BBQ @ 7:30PM, BYOB.
Admission is free

Madi Piller’s backyard


“Just before I began work on my book Harmony and Dissent, I discovered a trove of photographs depicting participants in a radical German movement, Freikörperkultur (free body culture), the early years of which constituted something of a prototype for the hippie movement that would emerge in California in the 1960s. Many of the photographs were strikingly well composed, unlike more recent images of practitioners of social nudity. But these formal rigours were responsible for only a small part of their charm. More important was this: there was something unbearably sweet about these images of groups of people who were convinced that they might alleviate modernity’s depredation of charity through exposing, completely and frankly, their vulnerable naked selves to one another. Though these social activities too soon ramified into more pernicious forms (including the body amplification taught by Hans Surén, who was admired by Adolf Hitler), Freikörperkultur did experience one brief, innocent, paradisiacal moment that reverberated through subsequent decades as an ideal. This moment was captured in these photographs. Reading texts produced by the advocates of social nudity, and especially Kehrt zur Natur zurück! Die wahre naturgemäße Heil- und Lebensweise. Wasser, Licht, Luft, Erde, Früchte und wirkliches Christentum had made me aware that early forms of Freikörperkultur were associated with a distinctive aesthetic, one that was reflected in their use of an exercise regimen the purpose of which was develop participant’s awareness of the deeply rhythmic character of fundamental coporeal energies. Similar aesthetic theories, I knew, had cosmological underpinnings, and the pagan character of the more important strains of Freikörperkultur connected these practices to such lofty metaphysical speculations. I decided to make a film that, I hoped, would reconnect these photographs to the cosmological yearnings I felt they harboured by creating a thoroughgoingly Pythagorean work. Like my previous film, whose title I borrowed from the extraordinary book I mentioned, this work is dedicated to Adolf Just.” - R. Bruce Elder.







Film Projector Restoration Day

Presented by Pleasure Dome and LIFT

PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street - Unit C


Saturday, July 8th,2017 - 12pm  to 4pm

FREE projector assessment and restauration services!


Film specialists Christine Lucy Latimer and Karl Reinsalu will evaluate your machine, make sure it’s in working order, give it a thorough cleaning, and show you how to best keep it maintained. Projectors needing only small, basic repairs will be fixed while you wait. For repairs that require a little something more (such as a particular esoteric replacement bulb), your joyful film stewards will provide you with as much information as they can for obtaining that special missing piece. Don’t miss this unique, fun and free community event!




Reflections in Energy By Jim Davis

Presented by AD HOC Collective

Pix Film Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C


Friday, June 23,2017 - 7pm



Davis (1901-1974) came to filmmaking from his work as a painter and sculptor. His sculptures were designed to channel light — they were mobiles, from which he hung plastics and glass. In his films, Davis used these sculptures to direct light, to cast phantasmagoric rays across the frame, to explore the potential of kinetics and optics in cinema. On occasion he would even catch his own abstracted reflections. The films do not conceal meanings or provoke interpretation, but instead give a pure dynamic experience. In Davis’s luminescent movements, we discover a sight as novel as that of the molecule, or of the whole-earth vision of the satellite. This program covers almost two decades of Davis’s filmmaking, beginning with Paintings and Plastics, in which he announces his methods, and shifting from his early, plainly titled and numbered abstractions, to his mature studies, of the flow of energy, a theme simultaneously mystical and scientific.


Ad Hoc is a screening collective with no fixed address. This is a mobile screening series, which aims to rethink what an experience of cinema can be, including the spaces in which it can be exhibited. We seek to reposition historical landmarks and buried treasures within the on-going tradition of experimental and other non-commercial modes of filmmaking, drawing on work from Toronto, throughout Canada, and internationally. Within these parameters, we aspire to diversity in programming, as well as to multimedia and interdisciplinary screening events that bring together varied communities. 



Paintings and Plastics

Reflections Nº11

Color Dances Nº1




Prismatic Variations


Artist Talk

Artist Talk

Martha Jurksaitis (aka Cherry Kino)

Cherry Ripe: Super 8mm and 16mm Films by Cherry Kino


Artists Talk and Screening 

Presented by 

The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto

PIX FILM Productions


PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Duffering Street, Unit C


Tuesday June 20, 2017 - 7pm



Martha has become quite a creative force in the last ten years, making numerous films and teaching dozens of filmmaking workshops both in Yorkshire and in micro-labs around Europe. She has embraced the relative isolation of Northern England to create a self-sufficient filmmaking practice that has allowed her to be both productive and idiosyncratic. Along with a growing movement of personal filmmakers, she has also focused her energy on developing ecologically minded filmmaking processes—processes that she has been keen to share with other filmmakers of her persuasion.
Martha’s ecological approach to filmmaking will be brought to the local community in part through her workshop, “Eco Colour Super 8mm” workshop, which involves processing black and white film in caffenol and then hand-tinting it with eco-friendly photographic watercolours. This process ties in to a recent surge in filmmakers being interested in decreasing their ecological footprint even while they work with a medium that leaves behind a toxic path. Because celluloid filmmaking is an organic process, they argue that there can be ecologically minded alternatives to the chemistry that is used to process film and filmmakers like Martha have gone a long way towards propagating this alternative model to filmmaking. Martha’s experience teaching multiple workshops on this subject will be a big boost to the local film community who are interested in these alternative processes.
Martha’s screening will build upon this practice by showing how she has utilized this ecological and independent practice to create lushly beautiful films, both sensual and lithe. Her films, made in Super 8mm and 16mm and bursting with colour, frame a true and passionate interest in ecology, sensuality, and the possibilities of celluloid filmmaking.


This event at PIX Film Gallery is generously supported by the LivingArt Kitchens.

Artist Talk

Artist Talk

Willie Varela 

Artist Talk 

Presented by 

The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto

The 8Fest

PIX FILM Productions


PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C


Sunday June 11 - 1PM



This event at PIX Film Gallery is generously supported by the LivingArt Kitchens.

Artist Talk

Artist Talk

Tinne Zenner 

Screening and Artist Talk

Presented by 

The Liaison Of independent Filmmakers of Toronto


PIX Film Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street, Unit C


Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 7pm 



Tinne Zenner will present an artist talk and a screening of her films, featuring her previous films and a work-in-progress screening of her new work shot in Nuuk, Greenland and re-animated at LIFT. Working with analogue film and digital animation, her work explores the layers of which history, politics and collective memory are embedded in physical structures. With a point of departure in modern and global landscape, the films utilise cultural narratives, abstract information and analogue materiality in an ongoing portrayal of the world in circular transformation.


Included in the screening: Sleeping District (2014), Porosité (2015), Arrábida (2017).

Full programme details TBA. 
Tinne Zenner (b. 1986, Denmark) is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Copenhagen. She holds an MFA from The Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Her work has been shown at a number of international film festivals including Ann Arbor Film Festival, Projections - New York Film Festival, CPH:DOX, Image Forum Tokyo, Sheffield Fringe and Courtisane Festival. Zenner is a co-founder and member of Sharna Pax, a film collective based in London and Copenhagen working between the fields of anthropology, documentary and visual arts.


Tinne Zenner’s visit is made possible in part through support from The Danish Arts Council.

This event at PIX Film Gallery is generously supported by the LivingArt Kitchens.




Presented by ad hoc Collective


PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin St. Unit C


Friday April 28,2017 - 7:00pm



Artist Talk

Artist Talk

Artist Talk with Leslie Supnet



PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street Unit C


Friday March 31,2007 - 7:00-9:00pm



Program Presented by PIX FILM and

The Liaison Of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT)


Join us for a free talk with artist Leslie Supnet. Leslie will be discussing her work-in-progress for the LIFT and PIX FILM Winter 2017 Studio Immersion program, as well as her ongoing moving image practice which includes analog and digital animation, found footage / collage, and experimental methodologies. 


The LIFT and PIX FILM Studio Immersion Program is generously supported by the Petman Foundation.



a life like this - moving images from Cologne

Programmed by Henning Frederik Malz


PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street Unit C 


Wednesday March 29,2017 - 7:30-9:30pm


Program presented by


The liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT)


with works by

Lena Ditte Nissen

Benjamin Ramirez Perez

Simon Rittmeier
Gonzalo Rodriguez
Julia Weissenberg

The program “a life like this” compiles five works spanning over the years from 2008 to 2017, all made by graduates from Cologne'sKunsthochschule für Medien (KHM).
These films and videos allow us to dive into individual lives as well as collective destinies and realities often dealing with topics such as isolation, boredom, trauma, loss, violence and self-determination.


PROGRAM: TRT 73:00 min / digital projection




Impromptu Screening/Performance

PIX FILM Gallery

1411 Dufferin Unit C 


Tuesday February 14,2017 8PM

Free Event


PIX FILM PRESENTS : one possible approximation to Austrian Independent Cinema
Curated and presented by Stefanie Weberhofer

Live film & audio performance by Stefan Voglsinger, Stefanie Weberhofer & Madi Piller.

1. Untitled – Antoinette Zwirchmayr, 2012, 1:50 min
(16mm, 16mm projection)

2. Bolex Mon Amour – Daniela Zahlner, 2011, 3:20 min
(16mm, 16mm projection)

3. Foodfilms: Kaiserschmarrn and coffee – Viktoria Schmid, 2009, 2:00 min
(16mm, 16mm projection)

4. Escalator – Björn Kämmerer, 2006, 2:23 min
(35mm, 16mm projection)

5. The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog – Johann Lurf, 2009, 3:00 min
(35mm, digital projection)

6. APARICIONES – Maria Luz Olivares Capelle, 2014, 23:00 min
(16mm and digital, digital projection)

7. Goodbye – Karin Fisslthaler, 2013, 2:33 min
(digital projection)

Supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum in Ottawa and the Federal Chancellery of Austria. 


Free Event

Free Event

Impromptu Film Jam


PIX Film Gallery

1411 Dufferin Unit C



Screening off-site

Screening off-site

Presented by PIX FILM Gallery at The 8Fest 2017 

Super 8 Wien (Super 8 Vienna) 

curated by Madi Piller 
This film programme opens a gate for us to gaze into the time dominance of sensorial landscapes. Utilizing small gauge, the artists selected in this program find their particular voices in a country highly regarded as “the most vital and multifaceted of avant-garde scenes of the world”- Film Unframed, a history of Austrian Avant-Garde Cinema edited by Peter Tscherkassky. This generation are architects of a new cinematic era that plays within and beyond the screen space. The roles of filmmakers, photographers, visual artists, researchers, preservationists, archivists and musicians are mixed into the cultivation of image-making. The majority surged from the classrooms of the Friedl Kubelka School. Others came out the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and incubator/lab and production spaces such as Filmkoop Wien and  Setzkasten in Vienna. This film program opens a gate for us to gaze into the time dominance of sensorial landscapes. The artists immerse themselves in investigative forms of their cultural milieu, and while the filmic actions examine the interior, the exterior or self-reflectiveness, time remains eternally suspended. Artists include Stefanie Weberhofer, Josephine Ahnelt, Alina Tretinjak, Viktoria Schmid, Magdalena Pfeifer, Antoinette Zwirchmayr, Rosa

John, Cristiana Perschon, and a performance by Stef+Stef+Stef.


Friday January 27, 9pm

SPK Polish Combatants’ Hall (206 Beverley, at Cecil Street, two blocks south of College)



Regards sur le Monde

Let's talk Film



Wednesday Jan.18 7pm - 10pm  

Pix Film Gallery

1411 Dufferin Street

Unit C


Gallery Exhibition

Gallery Exhibition

The Frame is the Keyframe: Frame Anomalies

Exhibition at PIX FILM Gallery and TAIS


Nov. 10 to Dec. 16

Open hours:

Monday-Thursday 11am to 6pm

New work by:


Becka Barker

Leslie Bell

Marten Berkman

Philippe Blanchard

Stephen Broomer

Sabrina Ratté

Nicolas Sassoon


Curated by Madi Piller

Essay by Clint Enns





" Water drums,an ancestral encounter"

By Clarissa Duque

This documentary shows the strength of the African roots in the Venezuelan musical manifestations. The history of the Venezuelan afro-descendants is set up in the film when the central character finds the ‘water drums’, a peculiar and stunning musical expression of the region of Barlovento. The aquatic chimes from the water drums will become the medium from our history that will come across two continents, Africa and America, to bring them together. Long distances become close when the roots are strong enough to stumble upon time. Clarissa Duque and Awa Production produced the film with the participation of the Ministry of Culture, Central University of Venezuela and Catholic University of Africa Cameroon.


Friday , October 28,2016 - 7PM


Presented by Latin Amarican Dossier of Arts

Sponsored by:

Consulate General of Venezuela, Toronto

Luis Manuel Argentieri


Artist TalK

Artist TalK

Elke Marhöfer

LIFT Artist-in-Residence

Marhöfer will be giving a presentation with Natasha Myers, associate professor in the Department of Anthropology at York University. Myers will talk about her collaboration with filmmaker and dancer Ayelen Liberona on an ecological exploration of an Oak Savannah in Toronto’s High Park while Marhöfer will talk about her approach to filmmaking in relation to her work-in-progress being made at LIFT.

Thursday October 27,2016 - 7PM



Presented by The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) and the Goethe-Institut Toronto




Little Spells


Curated by Gustavo Cerquera Benjumea


Wednesday October 26,2016 - 8PM - PWYC

Presented by TAIS


Presented by Colectivo Toronto

Presented by Colectivo Toronto


Films by Chris Kennedy

Program (Projected on 16mm and video) 

4 x 8 x 3 – 3’, 16mm, color, sound, 2004 
Jane’s Window 10’,35mm shown digital,color, silent, 2005 
Memo to Pic Desk by Chris Kennedy and Anna van der Meulen-6’,16mm, b&w, sound, 2006 
the acrobat 6’,16mm, b&w, sound, 2007 
Simultaneous Contrast 5’, 16mm, color, silent, 2008 
Schuh Schnell Service 3’, 16mm, color, sound, 2009-2011 
Towards a Vanishing Point 8’, 16mm,color,silent,2012 
Phantoms 14’,35mm shown digital, black & white, sound, 2012



Four Video Animations


“Hoy no se hace pastel de Chucho” by Braulio Rodr.guez (11:00 min)

“D” by Rafael Vel.squez Stanbury (6:22 min)

“Copihue Rojo” by Amaya Clunes Gutierrez (7:40 min)

“Abuela Grillo” by Denis Chapon (13:00 min)


‐Films are in Spanish with English subtitles‐



Sponsored by:

‐ Consulate General of Venezuela in Toronto, Canada.

‐ Juan Carlos Robayo, Royal Lepage Signature Realty.


October 14,2016 at 7:00 PM Presented by Latin American Dossier of the Arts



work by Scott Fitzpatrick, Clint Enns and Aaron Zeghers
Oct. 1st – Winnipeg
Oct. 4th – Minneapolis
Oct. 6th – Chicago
Oct 8th – Milwaukee
Oct 11th – London (ON)
Oct 12th – Toronto 
Oct 13th – Montreal (Zeghers only)
Join experimental / expanded filmmakers Scott Fitzpatrick, Clint Enns and Aaron Zeghers, as they flee the ravaged streets of their fair Winnipeg, in search of a warmer, more exotic climate to present their work. "All Roads Leave Winnipeg" is 7-date film tour featuring expanded cinema performances and single channel films by three of Winnipeg's most notorious cine-stars, Scott Fitzpatrick, Aaron Zeghers and Clint Enns.


October 12,2016 
7:30PM @ Pix Film Gallery (1411 Dufferin, Unit C)
presented by 8 Fest / Pix Film Gallery / Regional Support Network

Presented by Latin American Dossier of the Arts

Presented by Latin American Dossier of the Arts

REVERON by José Adres Bello


68 min. The documentary centers on the life of Armando Reverón (1889 - 1952), the most influential exponent of Venezuela impressionism. It was produced by Producciones Triana with the participation of the Ministry of Culture, CONAC and Armando Reverón Project, in Venezuela.

Film in Spanish with English Subtitles.





Artist in Residency presentation

Program supported by the PETMAN FOUNDATION



Best of Ottawa International Animation Festival 2015





Artist talk



TAIS/PIX FILM GALLERY Co-presentation, part of the 30 Years ASIFA AUSTRIA celebrations


Animation produced in Austria will most likely not entertain you with singing teapots, heroic toy-astronauts and flying elephants. Whether by destiny, fortune or accident, to date Austria has not developed a production environment for animation that can be seen as an industry. On the other hand, out of a vivid and independent tradition of creative authorship has emerged a persistent, determined, and distinctive identity for artists and filmmakers working with moving images in Austria today.

The roots of this current animation habitat reach far beyond the boundaries of conventional understandings of animation as a filmic art form. Since the middle of the 20th century, artists like Kurt Kren, Peter Kubelka and Moucle Blackout have explored the potentials and implications of film as a medium, but more recently, the artist Maria Lassnig has pushed for greater experimentation in animation production. Through Lassnig, a program for education in experimental animation production was established at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna, 35 years ago. Through Lassnig’s efforts to extend animation to fine art, many animation artists currently active in Austria have been influenced, directly or indirectly. Moreover, in the wake of Lassnig’s emphasis on experimental animation, ASIFA AUSTRIA was founded (in 1985).

This program presents a selection of independent animated films, produced by members of ASIFA AUSTRIA.

Curators and ASIFA AUSTRIA board members Holger Lang, Stefan Stratil and Franziska Bruckner have created a showcase of contemporary highlights that express a representative cross-section of the Austrian animation scene.

Artist Talk

Artist Talk

Presentation of Anna Vasof’s new work “Travel to the Window,” produced while in residency at the Toronto Animated Image Society(TAIS)

On display at PIX FILM GALLERY form until November 14, 2015 


Creative Conversation Series

Creative Conversation Series

How to be a total Internet Certified professional of art: Sybil Lamb

For over 20 years Sybil has been a Notorious Delouge of Paintings and Illustrations thatr often conspicuously feature a rag tag cast of young Misfits rockers Oddballs and cute Monsters and obsessive love to detail modified physiques.

Creative Conversation Series

Creative Conversation Series

Beyond representation:queer embodiment and the feeling of queerness: Alize Zorlutuna

In this presentation Alize shares recent work that attempts to articulate the embodied experience of a trans-cultural queerness: the feeling of queerness, rather than its representation.


Creative Conversation Series

Creative Conversation Series

Reading the Other: Thoughts on Collaboration: Z'otz*

Drawing is Z'otz* primary maens of expression and is used to visually respond to each other and to what surrounds them. The direct approach allows the group to create quirky and often outrageous images that examine, with humour, the immigrant experiences of displacement, transition and transformation.

Creative Conversation Series

Creative Conversation Series

The King is dead. Long Live to the King! : Rosa Mesa Imnternational Guest Artist

We are moving towards a more polarized world where the breach between reach and poor is bigger and bigger. In parallel to this, Civil rights all over the world are being shattered. Rosa presents a multidiciplinary project tha investigates our vision in a world overloaded with information.

Creative Conversation Series

Creative Conversation Series

Ráfagas Canadienses,

Program curated by Guillermina Buzio

Artists: Gareth Long/Heathera Keung/ Lorena Salome/ Michelle Irwing/ Gunilla Josephson/ Dierdre Logue/ Tom Sherman/  Jeremy Bailey and Nelson Henricks.

Co-presented with VTAPE

Creative Conversation Series

Creative Conversation Series

Ars Memorativa/ The Arts of Memory

Films by Scott Miller Berry

Scotts presents four projects, each beeing screened in Toronto for the first time,as well as complementary film by Jeanne Liotta.

Films: Arts memorativa/Beth Olem/Anamnesis/Untitled/Ceci n'est pas.

Creative Conversation Series

Creative Conversation Series

Many Death: Curated by Juana Awad

Many Death is a program of three short and medium-lenght single channelinstallations by Berlin-based artists, brought together to explore some of our tactics and scape routes when confronted with death.

From Here to Eternity by Oliver Pietsch

P.R. by Mathieu Brohan

Artist Talk

Artist Talk

Bret Long

Artists in Residence supported by 

The Petman Foundation

Exhibition at PIX FILM GALLERY



Tanya Read

VS Animation and Sculpture Installation





Craig Marshall

Revolving Doors

Installation Animation, Paintings,sketch books.




Madi Piller

Dimensions : The Fungi Affair


VR,Sculpture,Photography and one channel video




Welcome to Kanata




Trillium recognition BBQ and screening

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